Naldo and Melody’s song “Love, Love” is shown on a screen in Times Square

Naldo displays “Love, Love” on a large screen in Times Square.

recently naldo benny Inspiration of the singer, surprised everyone with the release of the single “Love Love” Chris Brown The partnership between the Brazilian singers reached a new level with the release of “Love, Love”. Raga it is Mathews Alves. The track, which was released in mid-June, references one of the American singer’s biggest hits, “Kiss Kiss”, released in 2007. naldo The singer was allowed to feature in the song and now the track is traveling around the world.

how do you celebrate naldo in your Instagram, “Love, Love” appears on a screen in the world’s most famous street, Times Square and he still jokes “From Villa do Pinheiro to the world #Timessquare fuck that’s Naldo that’s over there”. The track has grown well on the platform in recent weeks and has peaked at number 29 Top 50 Brazil Of spotify, However, for some reason he was removed from some, but luckily he came back with everything.

“No claim of error has been made by the publisher. The release is yes and we don’t know why it happened. We somewhat suspect that this could be some publisher, musician we don’t know or even a misappropriation by a fan who claimed something and Spotify figured it out. We are already asking the platform to get back on track as soon as possible as nothing is wrong”, he said. naldo As far as Excessive.

The single also received a music video directed by Igor de Oliveira, which includes reproductions of part of the choreography of the international hit, available on Raga on Youtube. Lyrics and tune adapted by bdk, dougie, larry it is marco lima, “I gave you love, love, love / You didn’t want, wanted, wanted / Now you suffer baby / I wanna enjoy”, the featured artist sings in the chorus.

see post below Naldo:

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