LoL: Wild Rift does it better – players ask for improvements…

Wild Rift gave Vladimir a big update with a major visual update, and now LoL players want Hemomancer to get some love too.

Vladimir W Ild R Ift Splash Art
Here Vladimir looks much better. | © RiotGames

Wladimir is one of the oldest League of Legends champions, and although he has received several updates over the years, he has never been drastically changed, as in the mobile version of League of Legends – Wild Rift.

Vladimir is a terrible hemomancer resident of Noxus, and while its design is interesting and cool, it’s pretty dated. Not only her in-game model, but some players also feel that her splash screen needs an update, similar to Nidalee’s outrage at ASU after it was revealed in Legends of Runeterra.

LoL: Fans want a visual update for Vladimir

Skin Nosferatu Vladimir
Please give this man an ASU. | © RiotGames

Wild Rift is in many ways better than League of Legends. not only a game No based on the spaghetti code from 2009, but also more visually appealing and has many more interesting and unique features that players could only dream of in the PC version.

Since Riot dropped support for 32-bit systems earlier this year, some things have improved, such as the addition of a larger in-game emote wheel, as well as some exciting new events, as well as an upcoming summer event. game in the game client.

Wild Rift received an updated model of Vladimir and splash art. It would be great to have it on League of Legends PC as well.
by u/yukine95 in league of legends

But there are still many champions that don’t look good in the game. Riot said that Jax, Timo, and Lee Sin will receive Art and Sustainability updates soon, but many fans feel that this is not enough and want more champions to be added to the roster.

Vladimir is one of them, and after seeing his new model in Wild Rift as well as his new in-game cutscene, players are even more desperate to see the hemomancer get some love from Riot in the coming months.

It will happen? Hardly. Looks like the ASU team has enough to do that unpopular champions like Wladimir or Zilean will have to wait for their PC to be upgraded.

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