LoL: Top of DetonatioN FocusMe accuses coach of verbal abuse

Japan’s most iconic team, DetonatioN FocusMe, is embroiled in controversy over Told2’s allegations against the coach.

The League of Legends professional competitive scene is experiencing a new controversy, this time with one of the most iconic teams in the world. L.J.L. from Japan. Top liner made of Detonation, Haruki “Tol2” Shibata condemned the head coach, Kazuta “Kazu” Suzuki verbal abuse that forced him to flee the organization’s gaming house.

In social networks, Told2 disclosed strong allegations against the coach and the terrible situation in which he found himself with the coaching staff. The problem between the parties escalated to high levels, so Top was forced to flee the house “because he felt his life was in danger” after receiving threats from Kazu.

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Tol2 mentioned that from the beginning spring split 2023 L.J.L., kazoo And Kyohei “Zeros” Yoshida they bothered him. The 20-year-old top winger began to suffer from adjustment disorder and, despite the diagnosis, the attacks from the coaches continued. He added that only arrows, Yuta “Yutapon” Sugiura owner and Ryo “Milan” Nakamotothe spare backed him up.

Control Detonation learned about the coaches’ abuse of the player, but the executive director of the organization Nobuyuki Umezaki he fined him and threatened to expel him from the unit if the information was released. However, the CEO later defended himself, saying that the fine was unrelated to his allegations.

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Agent Tol2 mentioned that they have spoken to the organization and are awaiting an announcement from Detonation. Player will return to home whenever home coaches leave, but will not play against Gambling Law Crest scheduled for this Friday, July 7th, for one more day L.J.L..

“Regarding the situation between the DFM tol2 player and his team, LJL management is taking the situation very seriously and is currently working with the parties to confirm the facts. Based on the results of the investigation, if an official response is required, we will make another announcement.” the league explained.

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