Bikini is right

It was patented by a French engineer on July 5, 1946 and, apparently, Louis Reard knew from the very beginning that it would be a real bomb in the fashion world and in society as a whole, since he accepted the offer of a dancer from the Casino de Paris, Micheline Bernardini, if possible. to put it, a bikini, like an atoll in the Marshall Islands, where the Americans tested the atomic bomb.

Micheline herself was the first to wear this two-piece bathing suit, and shortly after, the Miss Universe contenders wore it to the 1951 beauty pageant, but this two-piece bathing suit created so many welts at the waist. institution of that time, which was banned in several countries.

However, the beautiful and outstanding actress Brigitte Bardot overcame prejudice and was photographed in a bikini during the Cannes Film Festival in 1953. Other talented and transgressive women have contributed to turning sin into fashion; for example, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, Rachel Welch or Ursula Andress, the white bikini-clad blonde we will never forget in the James Bond saga.

Ursula Andress.

The history of bikini taboos and bans is long and has high profile episodes such as the censorship of several films in Hollywood under pressure from the National League of Decency.

Unfortunately, due to less publicity, some survive to this day. Can you believe that at this point in the game the woman is forced to bathe in one piece panties because her husband ordered her to do so? Or are you willing to show up in a bikini because the music video market dictates it?

At that time, signs of resistance, empowerment and women’s liberation were woven between the seams of these little pieces. Any extreme will be a failure.

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