Argentinean and Russian gamers will converge in a large-scale esports event, which will take place tomorrow in Buenos Aires.

Tomorrow, Argentinean and Russian gamers will meet in Buenos Aires in a large-scale e-sports (e-sports) event. The organizers hope that the competition will bring together 15,000 people at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires’ Villa Crespo district, the venue for the FiReLEAGUE Battle.

The doors will open at 14:00 to kick off the action with various initiatives related to the famous Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) video game. The in-person activity will have an impact not only on the local scene, but also on international prominence, thanks to the stellar showdown of the day between the Argentine 9Z Team and the Russian organization

Earlier, in front of the audience present, the FiReLEAGUE Argentina Grand Final will take place, in which BESTIA and Boca Jrs will take part. Play as the main characters. The winner will have direct access to the 2023 Barcelona Global Finals.

This will be followed by the most anticipated exhibition clash of the day between, the legendary Russian esports organization created in 2003 and winning two Counter Strike “majors” – the last in November 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, and the Purple 9Z Team, the most important team in the history of Argentine CS:GO

Jaim and his colleagues from will make their first appearance in the country to be part of this esports party in Latin America.

Meanwhile, 9Z Team, which recently forged a strategic esports content development alliance with DGO, DirecTV’s streaming platform, is now one of the most significant electronic sports organizations in the region. 9z Team is an Argentine professional esports organization founded in 2018 by Francisco “Frankkaster” Postiglione, one of the most famous streamers in Latin America.


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