Among Us announces collaboration with Scream

Creek VI was released earlier this year as a result of the success of the first sequel to the acclaimed franchise ghostly face. With the above in mind, the famous game among us took advantage of his strange coincidence of themes to do a collaboration and publish his physical version.

On its official Twitter account, the well-known game that rose to prominence during the pandemic announced a collaboration. In the tweet, we see a cult killer being part of the usual impostor and gang game.

He among us message speaks: “Among us x Scream. The one and only Ghostface is available again for free until July 21st! Log in to Among Us to permanently claim the Scream Movie cosmetics. Scream VI is available digitally and will be available on 4K disc on July 11th.“.

This announcement is accompanied by a video of the villain in his latest version (with his most worn mask) enjoying a killing session. The look of the Ghostface is well done in this collaboration and gives your crew member a unique personality.

Among Us and Scream have a special relationship with each other, as they share the same idea that the killer is in our midst. As we are used to, in the movie the killer is usually one of the characters we know, and in the game – one of us.

Creek VI It was a direct continuation of the events that took place in the reboot, sequel, continuation of the horror slasher franchise 2022. In this, we follow the new protagonists of the saga, and familiar faces continue to appear. You already know how to create a backup, but in this case, as we pointed out in our reviewTHIS IS A FRANCHISE!

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