7-Year-Old Player Became International Pokemon Champion Thanks To Nearly Impossible Strategy

The NAIC or Pokémon North America International Championship kicked off last Friday, June 30th, where the top trainers of the Trading Card Game, Video Game Competition, and Pokémon Go faced off against each other in exciting duels. The event, which also hosted a Pokémon video game competition, among which young players participated in the Junior category, among which the young Avery V, who is only seven years old, became the champion.

The little gamer who beat her rival Takumi 2-1 in the grand final, causing a frenzy for everyone present at the event, who also celebrated their victory, since, as commentators of the evening commented, she achieved this victory with games that even they can be classified as a “master” and this led her to become the International Junior Champion of North America.

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Victory thanks to Oranguru

As stated in the Dotesports environment, Avery’s victory is classified as impressive because he used a strategy that the competitive Pokémon scene considered almost impossible, which consists of using Trick Room or Rare Space, which, according to the website, consists of using slow Pokémon. which, under the influence of the Rare Space attack, become the fastest (for 5 turns, the speeds of all Pokémon are reversed).

That is, this move can cause some slow but very strong Pokémon to acquire the ability to destroy opponents in a way that they normally could not.

This is how Avery could be seen hosting Oranguru in the final three games, who he kept safe with Terastallization protection so he could survive until the end of the turn to set up the Trick Room. A strategy whereby the player continues to bring in Torcoal, an incredibly slow but strong Pokémon, following the reverse turn order. Games that made the crowd watching the live competition go wild every time Oranguru Avery used his trademark Instruct move to let his Pokémon partner wreak havoc twice, ending with the 7-year-old being the champion.

You can see the full ending in this video (in English) where they also interview the Champion at the end.

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