Where to watch Latin American esports team 9Z exclusively

DirecTV will have exclusive content about the Argentine team. (HLTV)

A new deal has been announced between DirecTV and 9Z to stream content from the Argentine esports team via the DGO streaming app.

The rise of e-sports has led to events such as the World Cup. League of Legends reached 200 million viewers during the final, surpassing mythical shows such as Super Bowl.

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Team 9Z is one of the most important esports organizations in Latin America with presence in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Mexicowhere there are women’s and men’s teams.

Among the games in which they participate, Valorant, R6, driving simulator and Counter Strikewhere they became the first team in Argentina and Latin America to qualify for the highest global competition, held in Belgium.

DirecTV will have exclusive content about the Argentine team.
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This agreement comes just as the team is about to participate in two respective events. On the one hand, on July 8 next year, they will play the FiReLEAGUE Battle of Counter Strike: Global Offensive final against Virtus Pro.

In addition, he played in VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: America, where teams from across the region, including Canada, the United States, and Morocco, faced off against each other. The tournament champion will qualify for the VCT Americas and compete in the league in 2024 and 2025.

“The alliance with DGO will allow us to continue growing our audience. In addition, together we will work to create more and better content for all fans of the team,” assured Francisco Postiglione, known as Frankaster, one of the leaders of 9Z.

The streaming platform is available on mobile phones, tablets, computers and Smart TVs. The contents of the esports team can be viewed at Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia.

DirecTV will have exclusive content about the Argentine team.
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The Valorant Regional Tournament is taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is in its final stages. 9Z is just one of the teams that is fighting for the last rounds before meeting with the champion on Sunday, July 9th.

After the end of the group stage, the championship moves on to the semi-final stage. On Saturday, July 8, 9Z will play M80, a team they just lost against in the quarter-finals, but who, after the tournament format, had the opportunity to reach this final round.

The winner of the duel will play with the Brazilian team The Union, which is one of the best in the tournament. Those games will also take place on Saturday and whoever wins will play the final on Sunday against The Guard, who have lost only one point in the entire championship.

The Challengers Ascension champion will earn a seat in the Americas League, which is the region’s highest category for this video game for 2024 and 2025.

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