What happened? Michael B. Jordan liked the photos of Alves and the web went crazy – 07/07/2023

07/07/2023 | 14:11

This Friday, the 7th, a very unexpected conversation between a great international star and a Brazilian celebrity has started causing a stir. None other than Michael B. Jordan took a look at Alves’ Instagram profile and decided to leave two likes on the posts by the volleyball player.

The web went nuts over the news and rushed to social media to comment on what happened. The most curious part of the conversation is that Michael and Key don’t follow each other on the platform, leading netizens to wonder how the actor got the former’s BBB profile. It’s worth remembering that he had already liked Gleecy Damaskino’s clicks as well.

On Twitter, Likes has become one of the most commented topics of the day and people can’t stop expressing their surprise to see North Americans checking out the Brazilian’s profile.

Sadness of the day: Michael B. Jordan is liking photos of Key Alves.

First Vinnie Jr., now Michael B.Jordan, what do Alves have in common, folks?

Look, it’s too much for me to like a photo of a key by Michael B. Jordan.

If Michael B. If Jordan had liked two of my photos, I would have fallen back hard, Ki was born facing the moon.


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