The best SwimSwam comments from the 2023 US Nationals

In big swimming competitions, there are hits, misses, records, and everything in between. But one of the most important components of major swimming competitions that sometimes goes unnoticed is the SwimSwam commentary. What would we be without them?

I had a great time reading the comments from this year’s National Meeting. When I was in Indy, I looked at them every night in my hotel, as if I were reading the news. So, of course, I had to dedicate an article to my favorite SwimSwam comments throughout the course of the Nationals (keep them relevant, of course, to maintain journalistic integrity).


I still can’t get used to what I started to fabricate Keith Douglas– Caitlin Clark is outraged among SwimSwam commentators. To me, the saddest thing about Douglas not being able to attend the Honda Awards (Nationals, of course) was that she couldn’t challenge Clarke at 2IM and then play HORSE. Maybe I will do it at some point.

I’m right…again

I have to throw flowers at myself again for this. I was delighted with Matheny, even when everyone considered MA a big favorite.

Medals are not issued depending on entry time

…and I think a lot of people don’t get it.

Eternal Ledecky

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathy Ledeckycareer outlived that of Tom Brady.


There are no words for this.

Changing point of view

I like this comment because it shows how we don’t fully appreciate something until it’s gone. Dressel finished 29th in the 100 Freestyle 24 hours ago, so seeing him in the A final was a big milestone. And how it should be! On his long journey back to top form, baby steps are essential.

Destin Lasko!!!

Loved seeing him break through in this meeting.

Sad but true

Why is it always the guys from Texas?

floor lava

Hey, but on a happy note… does that mean we’re getting 1:43 instead?

Swimming Statement

Fellow Writer SwimSwam Anya Pelshaw asked me a similar question: what’s the point of swimming 100 fly so fast if he was only going to scratch? I told her that he was trying to make a statement, but she did not understand him. wm.


I would like to see beautiful sims split at 4:00/4:20 800 for free. It would be really funny.

The Mens’ 100 Free (Taylor version)

Now I have a vivid image of Kyle Chalmers, Caleb Dressel and David Popovich doing it in a public pool in Madison, NJ, while Taylor Swift performs in the background. Thanks Togger.

New rivalry???

And both have the best time of 1:53.


Taa’s comment describes how we all felt about the USA Swimming selection process for this event.

Kathy Ledecky > Generator

The comment about the hamster wheel didn’t get the attention it deserved. I feel like Ledecky or an open water specialist Kathy Grimes could hide something in the sleeve to turn on the power (fortunately, this was not necessary!).

Officials are always to blame

If you look closely at this speck of dust right here, you’ll see it’s a dolphin kicking!

Stop posting DQ jokes, I can’t screen them all!

But fr… this timeline is similar to the Day 3 pre-session.

characters Height

I loved seeing Foster continue to evolve and overcome the big mental block he had in the past.

Insider Rhodey

It was funny because I do it sometimes too, although not on purpose.

Give Kerzan some love

She spent her week like a champion and will definitely be back next year!

Heilmann = Boss

This comment was very timely, given all the changes in the coaching staff that have taken place recently.

so confused

This is Sandpiper.

Rubbing salt into the wound

I mentioned it on Twitter, but I think it was very difficult to pull myself together and get on the podium after third place. Imagine if they did this at the Olympic Trials.

It’s never too late to return

Ruta is a great example, but this thread has posted several other examples of athletes who had a downturn and came back to the top. And I love it.

Live Laugh Love Swim Twitter

The most underrated part of sports TBH.

Keith Douglas = One of a kind

I second it so much. I am very grateful that I personally saw 52.57 and 2:07.09.

Ledecky Cam

Personally, I would be honored if a friend/family member spoke out against Ledecky.

play on words

Trite, but I like it.

Reese King

Melanie Margalis presentation of the 100th breast medal Nick Fink was the best part of the meeting and if you don’t agree then you are wrong.

Never discount veterans

Remember: one bad meeting doesn’t mean you’re done.

Dillion Brooks Core

I appreciate the sentiment of this tweet, but it doesn’t work here because China is a swimming hub.

no words

I apologize for MA’s comments, but this one was too funny not to be published.

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