Rainbow Six Player Who Exposed Ubisoft’s Fake Hostage Threats and Death Threats to Minecraft Creators Sentenced to 3 Years – Rainbow Six: Siege

These were not the only two crimes for which the defendant, a 22-year-old Frenchman, was convicted.

It is difficult to find words to describe the fright that we all experienced on November 13, 2020. Office staff Ubisoft Montreal they took refuge on the roof of the building, and the police gathered at its entrance. Three hours of tension due to a perceived dangerous situation. It is reported that someone attacked the building, taking hostages with an unknown purpose. HoweverIt was all about personal revenge.. player Rainbow Six: Siegedissatisfied with the company after receiving several bans for cheating, he took this action as revenge.

Sentence aimed at reintegration into society

Three years after the events French citizen sentenced to three years of community service. We are talking about a 22-year-old young man who receives this sentence after committing several different crimes. Apart from the dangerous situation he provoked in the offices Ubisofthe was also found guilty of threatening to kill various developers mine craft and hold denial-of-service attack against a French government agency. The truth is that these are quite serious charges, but since these are non-violent crimes, he has the opportunity to serve his sentence through the aforementioned community service.

Employees took refuge on the roof of the building and blocked the entrances.

The information was published primarily by the Montreal Gazette, which also echoes Ubisoft’s post-judgment statements. “We are making a decision. In this process, we are committed to representing the interests of our employees who have been affected by this false hostage-taking in our studio in Montreal. It was important to report this violent and unacceptable incident (…) Out of respect for our employees who were affected by this process, we will not comment on it”, they explained from the company. In that sense, the company considers the episode closed in a relatively satisfactory manner. To date, no additional incidents have occurred with them.

“The role of this judicial to punish the accused and facilitate change of his actions, placement and reintegration“, protect from the country regarding social work. It is also reported that the defendant will have to undergo therapy due to problems related to his mental health and find a job or continue his studies. Before committing these acts, he was already in psychiatric treatment for unknown reasons. In this sense, it seems clear that the goal is not so much to carry out the punishment as to help him get his life back on track..

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