Pokémon Sleep, a game where users will catch Pokémon while they sleep, will arrive at the end of July.

MADRID, 7 July. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Pokemon Company has announced arrival later this month video games for “smartphones” – iOS and Android – Pokémon Sleepin which users can catch Pokémon while they sleep, and which is already available for reservation in the Play Store.

Pokémon Sleep was unveiled by the franchise rights company four years ago when it revealed it was working on a game that would combine recording a user’s sleep with capturing Pokémon.

The company has now announced that Pokémon Sleep will be available to all users -except some regions- at the end of this month of July and what in addition can already be reserved for android devices in the Play Market.

In addition, The Pokémon Company shared some of the mechanics of this new video game based on catch pokemon while users are sleeping, in relation to the time you were sleeping Nevertheless sleep quality. Thus, the Pokédex must be completed, called in this case “SlipDex”.

As he explains in a statement on his website, in order to play Pokémon Sleep, it is enough to the user places the mobile device next to the pillow or on a mattress while you sleep to be able to perform sleep cycle monitoring and data recording. However, please note that the analysis will fail if the device is placed on a hard surface such as a table.

Depending on the amount of sleep, you can catch more or fewer Pokémon. That is, the more the user sleeps, the higher your score after waking up and therefore the more Pokémon you catch.

sleep quality It is also relevant in the game, as it can be qualified in three categories: light, medium or deep sleep. In this sense, Pokémon that have sleep mode is similar to user mode they will have more chances of being caught. For example, if a user snores one night, they will catch Pokémon that also snore.

game too will display the user’s sleep metrics and datasuch as audio recordings to see if any noise has been made, or activity markers to see if the user is moving.

As detailed by the company, this Pokémon adventure is part of “small island”, where the protagonist plans to investigate how Pokémon sleep. As contributors to this study, users the “huge” island-dwelling Snorlax and Professor Neroli will be featured.who will be the guide in this experience.

When Pokémon are caught, they appear around Snorlax and may seem to sleep in different positions, since every Pokémon sleeps differently. In this case, the goal of users will be fill DormiDex, and open all possible positions to make the pokemon sleep.

However, even if Pokémon are caught at night, During the day, users must feed Snorlax Berries to increase his strength.. The final score is calculated by adding the user’s sleep score and the strength of the Snorlax. Except, Snorlax will grow as the game develops and, with it, This will expand the possibilities of finding new Pokémon.


For sleep analysis, in addition to being able to use a “smartphone”, Pokémon also provided Pokémon GO Plus + Accessory, what will happen on sale July 21st.

In particular, this device using Bluetooth low energy technology to connect to the Pokémon Sleep app. Thus, simply by holding down the center button of the device, which has a design in the form of a pokeball, you can will record the quality of sleepinstead of using mobile.

To use it you must place on the pillow equally close to the user while he sleeps. And it will also work as an alarm clock.

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