Player says after Britney Spears was slapped by security: ‘He grabbed me from behind’ Entertainment

New NBA star, basketball player Victor Vembanyama broke his silence on Thursday after pop star Britney Spears slapped him while trying to grope the player at a Las Vegas hotel. According to press reports, the singer was pushed by a member of the French athlete’s team who, according to the singer’s husband Sam Asghari, behaved “violently” and “out of control”.

After his practice on Thursday, Vembanayama told the press that he only learned of Spears’ involvement in the incident a few hours after the dinner.

— I was on my way to a restaurant with some members of the security team. We were in a lobby and there were a lot of people, some of them apparently calling me,” the 19-year-old said. “A man was calling me ‘Bhagwan, Bhagwan’ and grabbed me from behind. So I didn’t see what happened because I was walking and we had agreed not to stop. But that man did not hold me by the shoulder, but by the back. All I know is that the security guards pushed him, I don’t know how hard. I didn’t stop to watch, I kept on walking.

Wembanyama, selected as the first pick of the NBA draft by the San Antonio Spurs in June, is in Las Vegas to play his first game with his new team in the Summer League.

On Wednesday night, the 2.22-meter-tall young center was recognized at the entrance of a restaurant by a group of people, including Britney Spears, who decided to ask for a photo of the athlete.

Las Vegas police in the state of Nevada said on Thursday (6) they are investigating an incident involving the athlete’s security team.

Through a text on her Instagram account, Britney Spears stated that her intention was only to congratulate the player and questioned some aspects of Wembanyama’s version.

“Traumatic experiences are nothing new to me,” but “I was not prepared for what happened to me last night,” she explained. The singer said she recognized the athlete in the hotel lobby when she was on her way to dinner. Later, he saw her again at a restaurant in another hotel.

“I decided to contact him and congratulate him on his success,” said the artist. “There was a lot of noise so I patted his shoulder lightly to get his attention. I saw the player’s statement which said I grabbed him from behind but I just patted his shoulder.”

According to Britney, the player’s security attacked him “in his face without looking back, in front of the crowd”. The blow “almost knocked her over” and the singer’s glasses fell off.

Britney and user make public apology

After the incident, the security personnel apologized to Britney. According to “TMZ”, he would have said, “You understand what it’s like when fans attack you.” But according to the newspaper “New York Times” and the website “TMZ”, the singer hopes to receive an apology from Vembanyama and is “furious” that the athlete has not yet been in contact.

Since the incident was revealed, dozens of fans of the artist have flooded the player’s social networks with demands for an apology.

One internet user wrote, “Does your security beat the ladies? Respect Britney.” Another said, “You should apologize publicly.” A third user said: “No woman should be treated like this. Apologies to Britney.”

The Las Vegas Police Department said in a statement that it is investigating the incident, but has not taken any action.

Police said, “The incident was recorded in a police report and there were no arrests or summonses. No further details will be released at this time.”

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