Natalia Oreiro told the details of the incurable disease she suffers from

Natalia Oreiro she suffers from misophonia, a neurological problem she was diagnosed with as a child. Although he had once spoken about this incurable disease, he recently gave Julio Leiva a note Black box (Filo News) and there he detailed that he was suffering.

I have a problem with noise that hurts me, it’s called misophonia, which is the hatred of sound, and there are certain noises that hurt me, and that’s neurology.”the Uruguayan actress began the story.

After being asked by an interviewer about his illness and what causes it, Oreiro explained, “It’s hard to explain because there’s no one pattern that tells you what it is.” And he tried on:If we are around and you make a noise, a discharge of anxiety, whether it is chewing gum, a foot or a pen, and this does not stop, the person begins to absorb the anxiety of the other person.

Natalia Oreiro gave an interview to Caja Negra for Filo News.

For her part, Natalya said that she had been suffering from this rare disease since the age of 12, and in an intimate note she told how she found out what made her sick: “I always had it, before that they had not been diagnosed as a disease. In exams, I had to follow directions because I couldn’t concentrate.

Although for years she suffered from not understanding what was affecting her internally, the actress admitted that when she realized what was happening to her, she felt a huge relief. “I said, ‘OK, it’s not a tantrum.’ It doesn’t make me angry, there are people who will grab your black box and smash it in your head if that happens. I don’t do it, fortunately I control it,” he concluded. .

Misophonia is a condition caused by an overreaction to certain sounds and noises. Medically, this disease is a neurological disorder in which auditory and sometimes visual stimuli are misinterpreted by the central nervous system. There is currently no treatment or cure for misophonia, but it can be overcome with a variety of treatments.

Natalia Oreiro was touched when she spoke about her son Merlin Atahualpa.

Natalia Oreiro moved to Al Dente Night (America, Monday to Friday at 22:00) when he talks about his son, Merlin Atahualpa, the result of his relationship with Ricardo Mollo.

Natalia Oreiro at the premiere of her new film Casi Muerta. Photo: Movilpress

The actress and singer, who last week gave a series of interviews for the premiere of Casi Muerta, spoke about her role as a mother and the teachings she is trying to pass on to her 11-year-old son.

“Childhood is very important for children. They will have time for everything that life brings you. I really like it in all children and in my son, especially, I like that he has time for games, ”he said, clearly excited.

“Sometimes it seems to me that they grow up too quickly and are too susceptible to influence … Ata has a really good childhood. He is a wonderful child. He loves to play a lot. he rides horses, he likes animals,” he continued.

And he finished: “He also likes to read a lot, which I think is wonderful. As a child, I took him to bookstores a lot. I love them. I read to him a lot and we always went to bookstores.” it marked him because now he has his own library. This is very curious. He’s not a nerd at all. This is a scammer. But at the same time, he likes very different things.”

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