LoL: Confirmed – Faker will miss a few games…

The LoL Faker star missed the team’s last game with an injury, but it could be more serious than some fans expected and he will miss key games.

Faker MSI 2023 vs JDG
Superstar LoL Faker is out of the game for a while. | © RiotGames

League of Legends star Lee”scammerSang Hyuk recently revealed that he played due to an injury during the first few weeks of the LCK’s performances.

This resulted in him being removed from the team during his final game against DRX. Now the head coach of T1 Be”BengiSung Woon revealed when the star midfielder could return and how long he would rest for his injuries to heal so T1 could make it to the World Cup.

LoL: Faker will not participate in key matches

The next game T1 will play is one of the most anticipated matches in the LCK. T1 compared to Gen.G is one of the best matches fans can hope for, but it looks like the July 8, 2023 game will be a little different from what most fans expected.

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Due to Faker’s injury, he will miss this pivotal game as well as other important games.

At a press conference following a 2-0 loss to DRX, head coach Benga revealed that Faker would miss at least two weeks of games due to a hand injury that had plagued him for over a month.

Right now the team is focused on making it to the playoffs even without their veteran midfielder, but it remains to be seen if they have a stand-in from the LCK contenders, Yoon.”Poby“Song-won, will it be their main player, or will they switch current players and call someone else.

The T1 has some strong contenders ahead with Gen.G, NongShim and DPlus KIA as the next contenders.

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