LEC: Astralis would like to sell their place in the league

After their recent elimination in the Summer Split, there are rumors about Astralis and the possible sale of their LEC slot.

Europe’s most important League of Legends competition could welcome new teams next year. This Friday, several leaks indicate that Astralis He put his LEC quota up for sale and that he even is negotiating. Here at CodigoEsports we tell you all about this possible departure from the Danish organization.

Since the beginning of 2019 LEK (League of Legends EMEA Championship) presented in their league franchise system. Among other things, this system eliminates promotion and relegation, creating a stable structure for teams. However, this does not mean that there can be no changes in the participating organizations, since they can sell their seats. In fact, the most recent cases are Schalke 04 and Misfits, whose place was taken by BDS and Heretics team, respectively. When koiit is important to remember that his appearance in the league came after the merger with Rogue. On Wednesday, there were reports that another organization would appear, intending to leave the league.

As Alejandro Gomis said, Astralis plans to sell its seat in the LEC next year. Moreover, it appears that the Danish organization was already in advanced negotiations with Team Falcons. Nevertheless, Riot Games thumbs down to this and did not give his consent to the purchase of the Saudi Arabia national team. Of course, Astralis continues to communicate with other organizations from different ERLs (European Regional Leagues), including the “big one”. Although the name of the latter is unknown, everyone intuitively guesses that we are talking about Carmine Corp, a French team that has been aiming for the LEC for several years now. Finally, the Danish organization did not plan a mergerat least for now.

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Definitely, This will not be the first time that Astralis has tried to sell its seat., as there were rumors about such a possibility in 2022. Then the sale of the Misfits was a reality and everything indicated that the Danes could accompany them. Despite this, Astralis was not for sale at the time and remained in the league for another year. Therefore, it remains to be seen if the sale will finally be completed and if a new team will appear in Europe by 2024.

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