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In recent years, esports has been on a growth path in terms of money, viewers and entertainment. The numbers prove it this way: more than 200 million viewers watched the League of Legends World Championship Finals when the mythical Super Bowl was watched by 93 million.

Another category that is on the rise is the world of live streaming. With hundreds of thousands of young people communicating with their own tools, from their homes, with their community. Feedback is more direct and instant.

DIRECTV does not want to stay away from this type of entertainment, and for this reason, he managed to form an alliance with the 9Z Team, the Dale Play Group and streamer Francisco Postiglione, known as Frankkaster.

This Saturday will be FiReLEAGUE Battle from Buenos Aires. At this event, which will showcase the best opponents in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team 9Z will be accompanied by DGO.

“This is a major milestone as a company that had a vision to be a media tech supports an esports team with its DGO streaming platform. This speaks to the innovative vision of the company and its decision to give young people what they expect from the audience,” commented Federico Vanzini, General Manager of the 9z Team and Commercial Director of Grupo Dale Play.


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