Delphox teraid in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: how to win easily, best Pokemon and cons

Tera-Raid Returns to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: How to Beat Delphox Easily, Best Pokemon, Cons, and How to Participate in a 7-Star Tera-Raid

Theraids have returned to Pokémon Scarlet and Purpleafter a bug that delayed the second Chesnaught teraid window last May (which ended in mid-June).

After weeks of waiting, GameFreak has announced the next 7-star terrain courses featuring Delfoxthe evolution of Braixen, a fiery/psychic in the sixth generation with the teratype Fae.

Delphox will be present at 7 star terraids Pokémon Scarlet and Purple on Nintendo Switch twice: from July 7th to 9th and the following weekend from July 14th to 16th.

Check out the exact times, entry requirements, rewards, and strategies to win Delphox in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

Delphox 7 Star Raid Dates

This trip takes place over two weekends. If you don’t get it the first weekend, you’ll have a second chance in two weeks to train your Pokémon and reach it.

Pay attention to the dates and times of the Delphox event as scheduled. CET (Spanish Peninsula Time):

  • From Friday 7 July 02:00 to Monday 10 July 01:59
  • From Friday 14 July 02:00 to Monday 17 July 01:59

Delfox’s moves, strategies and counters in 7-star Theraid

Delfox will be a very strong Pokemon in the Theaids. He has a Conjurer ability that steals any item you have after hitting you, using moves like Witchfire, Psychic, Misfortune, Shadow Orb…

Due to his fairy teratip, he will be weak against steel and poison type attacks. Thus, some of the best counters for Delphox are:

  • Ceruledge: Winging Sword, Iron Head, Terablast, Sword Dance
  • Houndoom: Flamethrower, Schematic, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Slap
  • Slowking: reserve power, intrigue, amnesia
  • Iron Moth: Poison Wave, Acid Bomb, Flame Dance, Morning Sun

How to participate in 7-star raids

Teraincursion Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Teracrystal

You cannot participate in these tera raids without first clearing the game, clearing the postgame, and clearing the final stage of the academy several times. Hence the difficulty…

-You must be connected to the Internet: the game will not connect by itself until you log in pokeportal and connect by pressing L, select Mystery Gift and Get updates from Poképortal.

You will automatically download the latest news from Poképortal and be able to find Teraincursion somewhere on the mapyou recognize him by the black symbol with the teratip symbol he has (in Delphox’s case, Fairy).

-You must complete the game and part of the post-game: In particular, you must have watched the credits of the game and then completed Grand Battle Academy Tournamentwhich requires winning a rematch with all eight Gym Leaders and then winning a four-fight tournament in a row at Plateau City Academy.

-You must complete at least 10 terrains with 4 or 5 stars so you get Teraincursiones 6 and 7 stars (which relate to the events).

EYE: This does not mean that you cannot participate if you have not completed the postgame. If a friend invites you to their excursions online, you can participate. Another thing is that you have Pokemon with enough level to counter him, although they can always lane you to get your long-awaited Samuroth.

– You need to pay for Nintendo Switch Online to play teraids online.: You will not need to participate in them, but if you do not have paid online, you will play with AI-controlled coaches.

-Only one Teraincursion comes out per day for each player, although you can repeat it as many times as you like until you win. You can only capture one at a time. You can then help other players and get other rewards like EXP Candy and Teralites, but you can only capture them once.

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