BioNTech to conduct cancer vaccine trials

The British government has signed an agreement with the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech to conduct clinical trials of cancer vaccines. BioNTech wants to create personalized cancer vaccines combined with immunotherapy for 10,000 patients by 2030.

To help with this research, BioNTech plans to set up new labs in Cambridge. The planned capacity is more than 70 highly qualified scientists, as well as a new regional center for the UK. BioNTech has already started conducting clinical trials in the UK. More trials will be conducted, although most patients are expected to be enrolled from 2026.

For these cancer vaccine trials, BioNTech plans to set up new laboratories in Cambridge.

This historic agreement takes us one step closer to bringing new, life-saving cancer treatments to thousands of patients across the country. Personalized cancer vaccines have the potential to completely change the way we treat this brutal disease, and we are very pleased that, with today’s announcement, clinical trials will be widely deployed.“. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Rishi Sunak.

Trials will focus on mRNA-based personalized cancer immunotherapy. This is a type of cancer treatment that activates the patient’s immune system and can be designed to fight abnormalities specific to a particular type of cancer, or can be tailored to each person’s tumor.

Trials will focus on mRNA-based personalized cancer immunotherapy.

Personalized immunotherapy is created by analyzing a patient’s tumor to identify mutations specific to their cancer, and based on this information, an immunotherapy tailored to the patient is created.

The UK experience in genomic analysis of cancer patients is an important component of our collaborative effort to make mRNA-based cancer immunotherapy widely available through clinical trials. If successful, this collaboration could improve outcomes for cancer patients not only in the UK but around the world.“. This was commented in this regard by the CEO and co-founder of BioNTech, Ugur Shahin.

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