Aztec culture inside Call of Duty Grupo Milenio

For any player, all surprises. Recommendations containing the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 about Mexico

Big Part this Campaign HE develops V land of the Aztecs while it main antagonist This Mexican by name Valeria Garza, or better known in this world as “El Sin Nombre”.

Fine COD doesn’t stop there with their linkTo Our culture given that recently announced new the consignment, through which the user can receive A Special suit For valeria garzawhat from jaguar warrior.

IN social media would advertisingthrough video, where can we see type gameplay, where is he porter avatar Incredible Suit “Otselopilli”.

How to get a new batch and what does it include?

In that new party games you can acquire He Kastov 545 rifle, who has the weapon project “Great Warrior”; Meanwhile he Rifle Lachmann-556 has the Legacy weapons project, both will have cwith decorations alluding to Mexican culture.

In the same way you can receive A special decoration for him Car “Water Curse”‘, WithSticker “Jaguar Force”‘ And Jaguar Bite Emblem.

Another one fromcomplements will include macuahuitlAwooden signature with sharp obsidian spikesweapon iconic belonging Aztec cultureTrue, it will only be decorative, since it cannot be used in battle.

For receive All the consignment you must log in video game store and buy it for price 2400 code pointsor what would be equivalent 400 Mexican pesos.

What is a call of duty?

They video game seriess shots that they are coming back in rThe first generation of consoles.

Since then call of Duty had tried innovate shooters, even competition currently other games such as Fortnite or PUBG.

Besides, COD count with one online Multiplayer System, which is one of preferred by the public.


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