AT&T is bringing back the Annihilator Cup

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North American telecommunications company AT&T has announced a new AT&T Annihilator Cup tournament where 20 content creators will compete for a $375,000 prize pool in Apex Legends, Fortnite, Street Fighter and CS:GO.

According to the page specialized in monitoring statistics esports charts, the first edition of the tournament, which was held in 2021, attracted around 147,000 viewers for CS:GO matches and over 100,000 viewers for all other games. In the 2022 release, performance improved across the board. About 164,000 viewers for CS:GO and 163,000 peak viewers for Apex Legends matches, while the lowest number of viewers for Halo – 120,000 – good numbers for a relatively small tournament.

The games will feature top North American streamers including DisguisedToast, Dr.Lupo, Basustoise, Tarik, Yassuo, Lirik and more. The tournament will also be hosted by esports broadcaster Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez. The games will be available on the official AT&T Twitch channel as well as on all members’ channels.

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