After testing the HONOR 90, I can’t find the words to describe how I feel.

Just to have it in our hands seemed too fancy phone and with quality materials, something that also extrapolates to its components. This is a very accomplished smartphone that will not disappoint any user thanks to the outstanding performance in any of its sections, although not all that glitters is gold, as there are some things that we were not completely convinced of.

HONOR 90 shines not only because of its design

When you take it out of the box, you’re already amazed at the finish that the HONOR 90 has, but it’s only when you step outside that you realize just how beautiful it is. Its glass finish is not only durable, but also comes out very bright and clean, clearly showing the reflections hitting the body. Although it slides a little more than necessary and somewhat more than expected, with a weight of 183 grams and a thickness of 183 grams.


Honor 90, first impressions of a mobile phone with an attractive design and promising cameras. #honor #honor90

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Another important design aspect of the HONOR 90 has to do with its curved screenwhich may not please everyone, but which we found content playback enjoyment. The Asian company’s new launch boasts an aesthetic line reminiscent of some of the mainstream premium devices, and that’s no surprise.

Mainly because the characteristics of its screen will make anyone fall in love with it. perfect outdoor viewing and very well calibrated colors, while smoothness becomes noticeable thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate. Perhaps the inconvenience we noticed when playing content is that it has only one speaker, which, despite sounding very good, is noticeable that it is not accompanied by another.


Inside the HONOR 90 operating system is the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 processor, a chip that does not disappoint and has allowed us play at maximum graphics level in very demanding games like Apex Legends. The best thing is that did not experience overheating after long gaming sessions and without slowdowns when loading. Multitasking is fast, and the RAM does a great job of ensuring fluidity between apps.


Where it also caught our attention is in its autonomy, where it lasts longer than its main competitors, despite the fact that they have the same 5000 mAh capacity. Power management is good, and consumption during gaming or video editing is small, up to two days of use. In addition, 66W SuperCharge fast charging provides seamless 100% battery in about 45 minutes. Ideal to get back to action as soon as possible.

Surprise in your cell

After getting to know the HONOR 90, it’s easy to see that this phone is way better than many other mid-range phones on the market. It is true that there is no telephoto lens, but this model is not a premium device, despite the possible resemblance. Main camera 200 MP new HONOR phone real madness and electronic stabilization gives amazing results.

Colors Represented high precision and the level of detail is amazingly high. It plays very well with lights and shadows without distorting the former, although we expected it to be good at night where, like any other mid-range, it suffers a lot. However, thanks to the night mode, it is possible to save images with some artificiality, although much better compared to other smartphones of this price. The wide-angle lens surprised us in terms of colorimetry, but the loss of detail is more than significant.

The only big drawback of HONOR 90

After several days of using the HONOR 90, we have nothing but good things to say about the mobile phone. However, there is an element that made us rethink many things in the team, and they are related to the operating system. HONOR 90 is equipped with Magical 7.1 based on Android 13, and it will be updated to Android 14 in a few months. The problem is that the company has confirmed that it will only be able to use Android 15, so you only have 2 years of update support leftsomething that left us with a bad taste in our mouths.

In addition, it is a very complete, beautiful and powerful smartphone that perfectly meets the needs of any user. Its finish, performance and screen are the 3 aspects that make it worth it. buy HONOR 90 from 549 euros in the official store, above all because it comes with tablet HONOR Pad X8 completely free Limited time.

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