Wandinha Season 2 ends the most controversial plot line of the series!

‘Wandinha’ was one of the most watched and commented series in 2022, bringing to the public a new look of the famously nostalgic, dark family with a taste for horror, the ‘Addams’.

Since its creation in 1930, ‘The Addams’ family has aimed to show the opposite of the normal, the distorted and chaotic vision.

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In doing so, its creator Charles Adams managed to create such a huge hit that it would soon become an enduring classic. In the years following the previous live-action adaptation, Netflix decided to take a risk and launch a series dedicated to Wandinha, the eldest daughter of the Addams family.

However, even though the series has been an undeniable success with the public and critics alike, the production has not been without problems and controversies. Two of the most famous controversies are the fact that actor Percy Hines White, the interpreter of ‘Xavier’, has been accused of sexual assault.

In addition, what caused a lot of discussion behind the scenes was the behavior of the heroine of the series, Jenna Ortega. This is because in interviews Ortega revealed that she changed lines and decisions in the script that she did not consider to be in line with the character.

To hush up the matter a bit and bring more attention to the criticism of the actress, Jenna Ortega has now also become the producer of the series, and one of her first choices was the huge hit ‘Wandinha’.

Lots of love triangles in ‘Vandinha’!

Wandinha Romance
Source: Netflix/Playback.

In a recent interview with Variety, the actress revealed that fans were listened to and, along with the series’ producers, chose to eliminate the “love triangle” presented in the series’ first year.

According to Jenna Ortega:

“We are ruling out any romantic love interest in Wandinha, which is really great. We decided we wanted to put a little more focus on the horror aspect of the show.”

In season one, Wandinha’s love interests included the character Tyler (played by Hunter Doohan), who was revealed to be the real villain in the season finale.

On the other hand, the character Xavier, played by Percy, received less prominence in the series, which may have been a logical choice due to controversies or the lack of significant and consistent development in the novels for the character Wandinha.

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