This is the new Pokémon GO app for trainers.

Campfire is a new social app for Pokemon Go players. (Niantic)

After release Pokémon GOa game augmented reality in which you can be a coach, a development company Niantic decided to launch a social app around the world that allows you to collaborate with other players, make friends and complete missions, participate in raids, receive gifts and much more.

bonfire is already available for download by users as in app store how in google play storeand according to the official statement Niantic, it will not only help shape Pokemon GO communities, but also serve as a bridge between the games developed by the company. However, many of its functions are aimed at creating groups to defeat legendary pokemon and participate in the events of this name.

When downloading the platform from their preferred virtual store, users will be prompted to sign in with the email account associated with Pokémon GO. Once inside, users will be able to find a map in the style Google Maps where you can find attractions like regular raids and legendary raidsso that each coach will be able to determine where to go to find their next challenge.

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As soon as the coaches Pokemon close to a raid, they can use the “Form a Team” option and choose between becoming a host or joining a group of players to defeat the raid-guarding Pokémon. gym.

Campfire is a new social app for Pokemon Go players. (Niantic)

Party hosts will scan the nearby area to find a group of five nearby coaches who want to join the party, and players who want to join can find formation teams they can join.

In both cases, once the group is formed, a chat window will open where each member can indicate if they are near, away from the gym, or going to meet the rest of the group. players to the raid gym. Players who cannot travel will be able to participate via remote raid passes.

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Once discovered, players will be able to enter the application and the host will enter code trainer of each participant, add them as Friends in the game and invite them to the raid. From now on, new contacts will be able to exchange Pokemonin-game gifts, manage new encounters, participate in raids and complete in-game quests.

Another feature available on the platform is “Bengal”, which allows you to draw the attention of the surrounding coaches to the presence of an important event or Pokemon a rarity in the area. Similar to the team building feature, players will be able to chat with others to create new conversations, generate friendship and increase the number of contacts registered in the game to share resources.

Campfire is a new social app for Pokemon Go players. (Niantic)

Thus communication more mobility between players, each of them will have a streak at their disposal Messages presets at the bottom of the screen so they don’t waste time typing on the keyboard and can focus on the route they need to take to meet the rest of their peers. equipment.

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Functions bonfire active for players from all over the world and every community corresponding to the games niantic You will have a dedicated space in the application to perform similar actions.

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