Star+ to launch in July 2023

This July Star+ is coming back strong. Disney Streaming enters the second half of the year with a much-increased catalog of national productions and news from other corners of the globe. It’s a diversity that isn’t just limited to languages, but genres as well, as documentaries, anime, classic animations and long-awaited series arrive to boost the service’s catalogue.

and brazilian The Superfantastic History of Balloons Big star of the month. This production touches on the nostalgia of an entire generation that grew up with the Balao Mágico group and shows how the idea of ​​turning children into celebrities was both a dream and a nightmare for young children in the 1980s. Thus, the series will not only explore Balao’s influence on entertainment in the country, but also the traumas and scars that befell its members.

Animation fans will have a lot to look forward to in July as well. second part of Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War To continue the anime comes and put the protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki in front of his greatest challenge. As far as comedy goes, we have new seasons the simpson and even from futuramaWhich is back with new episodes after more than 10 years.

needless to say it still has action comedy Truth of Lies: A New MissionInspired by one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest classics, and a documentary about a powerful church embroiled in international scandals.

Watch the highlights of the July releases on Star+ below.

The Superfantastic History of Balloons

documentary series The Superfantastic History of Balloons Star+ is the highlight of this July, as it tells the story of an important part of the childhood of an entire generation of Brazilians. The production brings Simone, Tobe, Mike, and Jair Oliveira together to reminisce about the magic balloon time.

But it won’t just be some secret archetype style with good memories, as all the hype for the documentary centers on the traumas and conflicts that have always plagued the group of kids.

A The Glorious History of Balloons Will air on Star+ on 12th July.


Acclaimed animation by Matt Groening, creator of the simpson, and David X. The Cohens is back for a new season after a hiatus of over ten years. The cartoon, which is a great satire on modern society disguised as science fiction, was a phenomenon in the early 2000s and is considered by many to be even better than the Homer and Bart sitcom. And the promise is that the same spirit will continue in the new episodes as well.

There are 10 chapters to chronicle the story of Fry, a 20th-century pizza delivery man who awakens from cryogenic sleep a thousand years in the future. According to Streaming, the script signed by Groening and Cohen will salvage several arcs that were left open in previous seasons, as well as bring updated stories about bitcoin, the pandemic, and cancellation culture in the 30th century.

new season of futurama Will premiere on July 24 with weekly episodes.

Truth of Lies: A New Mission

Let’s just admit that the name is terrible, but just know that this series is openly inspired by the classic true lie To get our attention. Sadly, Schwarzenegger is not involved in the project and the action comedy is directed by Steve Howe (sons of Anarchy), who plays an international spy who has to learn how to work with his wife, a teacher who is tired of her husband’s double life.

Well, it’s worth remembering that Schwarza himself drank heavily. true lie when it launched fubar on Netflix, which also has the exact same premise.

Truth of Lies: A New Mission The premiere will be this July 5.

Hillsong Church Mystery

As for lovers of a good documentary, Hillsong Church Mystery Explores scandals involving the famous American evangelical church involving celebrities like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. And the production explores all the coverage of the case that exposed former pastors Carl and Laura Lentz, from the allegations of harassment and corruption made against them to the sensationalized coverage of the case by that section of the media Is.

One of the most interesting points of this four-episode documentary series is that, in addition to bringing firsthand testimony from former Hillsong leaders, it also includes conversations with church members and leaders who remained after the episode and how to deal with the criticism. More allegations…

Hillsong Church Mystery The premiere will be on July 19.

Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War

second part of Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War arrives on STAR+ in July to continue protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki’s confrontation against his former ally Uryuu Ishida. After discovering the origins of their powers, the Shinigami and the Quincy would go their separate ways and face each other as mortal enemies.

The new episodes cover the final arc of Tite Kubo’s manga, which focuses on the Thousand Years of Blood War.

Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War Returning with weekly episodes from 8th July.

These were just some of the Star+ highlights for the month of June, but you can check out the full list below:

All Star+ to launch in July 2023


  • Truth of Lies: A New Mission – Season 1
  • Shadow Detective – Season 2
  • To Catch A Smuggler – Season 4


  • join the zone to the rescue
  • The Ashley Madison Affair – Season 1


  • Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War – Part 2. weekly episode on saturday


  • Balloon Super Fantastic Story – Season 1
  • The Golden Spoon – Season 1


  • Will Trent – Season 1
  • The Mystery of Hillsong Church – Season 1
  • 9-1-1 – Season 2. Weekly Episodes on Wednesdays


  • The Purge: The Frontier


  • Futurama – Season 11. Weekly Episode on Mondays


  • The Simpsons – Season 34
  • Dinner with the Draggs – Season 1
  • How I Met Your Father – Season 2. weekly episodes on wednesdays


  • imagine dragons live in las vegas

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