Salma Hayek celebrates World Bikini Day with a postcard from the pool

Teresa Salma Hayekbetter known as Salma Hayek, is considered one of the most beautiful Latin Americans in the world of entertainment, and she knows it. For this reason, today he surprised his followers by sharing a photo dedicated to the celebration world bikini day.

to their 56 years old, Mexican actress continues to maintain an enviable figure, despite the fact that she became a mother Valentina Paloma Pino A few years ago daughter she shares with French magnate François-Henri Pinault.

In the photo you can see Salma Hayek with a bare face and without a drop of makeup, proudly posing in front of the camera with a beautiful bikini which combines various patterns and designs, has embroidery on the sides at the top and bottom; which was worn to match the long gold earrings and her engagement ring.

Credits: Instagram | @salmahayek

in the mail Salma asks her subscribers: “Can you believe that the bikini is only 77 years old?” and adds: “I hope they don’t take away from us either.”

User responses included many comments acknowledging that the Veracruz woman is like wine and getting better with age, but there were others where, like her, they acknowledged that the bikini was a revolutionary garment. One of her followers commented: “70 years ago, wearing a bikini was taboo in many countries around the world.”

The photo has been added to the collection you shared Salma Hayek on various occasions because the actress, who briefly appeared in the North American series Black mirror, a lover of water and especially the sea. In another post, she took the opportunity to share the moment, noting, “Every time I need to feel refreshed, I go to sea.”

And she also took advantage of her social media to make calls to take care of the ocean, the last of which was launched on June 8, World Oceans Day, in the video she shared, she could be seen diving with her husband visiting reefs and corals .

Definitely Salma Hayek knows how to be happy or what do you think?

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