‘Patron saint of Mexican women’: Salma Hayek took off her clothes to celebrate Bikini Day and came off the clothesline

Salma Hayek did it again, 56 year old mexican shared a post in a bikini Where waste sensuality and beautyleaving tendal on the net.

“Happy National Bikini Day!”, — wrote the translator in the description of the image, published on July 5. “Can you believe the bikini has only been around for 77 years?” she added.

“Surely you have already broken the Internet”

“Let’s hope they don’t get banned too much”ended in the text with a reference to Instagram’s censorship, which sometimes removes posts or hides them when a lot of skin is shown.

The photo was immediately filled with likes and messages. his followers, both celebrities and colleagues on the show, and mere mortals who they fell in love with the charms of the film star.

“Saint patron of Mexican women”salmita cute”, “Surely you have already broken the Internet”, “Salma! calm down!”, “Salma constantly rethinks beauty”; there were some reactions.

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