Only up! in Fornite it is a success and surpasses the original game; so you can play it for free

The video game industry is unpredictable. A video game can appear overnight and become a viral phenomenon, attracting thousands of players. already happened to among us And Updated Battlebitto mention just a couple of examples. Well, a few weeks ago he debuted Only up!a title that gained a lot of popularity and inspired an unofficial game mode in Fortnite.

For those who don’t know Only up! is a platform game in which players must overcome a series of obstacles and climb as high as possible. The interesting thing is that you can’t save the game and there are no checkpoints, so the error often means you start from 0 and lose many hours of progress.

The unique concept resonated with the community, making SCKR Games a hit on Steam. Also, well-known Twitch streamers started playing it in their live streams.

Only up!  This is one of the games right now.
Only up! This is one of the games right now.

Only up! Breaks it down in Fortnite

The success prompted the user to recreate this independent video game in an unofficial game mode in Fortnite. This is possible thanks to the tools offered by Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), a very robust level editor that allows fans to create their own experience.

The most interesting thing is that the version Only up! from Fortnite it is much more popular than the original name. While the SCKR Games project has an all-time high of 11,239 concurrent players on Steam, the unofficial game mode developed by user “Army” has already surpassed 100,000 concurrent users, according to Epic Games.

It is noteworthy that the unofficial version Only up! from Fortnite it is much more popular than Party Royale, Team Rumble and other additional modes from Epic Games.

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How to play Only Up! in fortnite?

No wonder the gameplay developed by Army is much more popular than the original standalone game on Steam. While the former is free and available to any user, the latter costs around $10.

However, how to play for free Only up! V Fortnite? It’s very simple. Players need to go to the Discover tab and find the map in the Deathrun and Parkour categories. Since it is currently very popular, it will appear on the front page.

To avoid any complications, you can also enter the code 4366-9611-6988 in the Island Code tab to enter the map directly and start playing.

But tell us, have you already given it a chance? What do you think about it? Do you think it’s as fun as the original game? Let’s read you in the comments.

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