Marvel’s Benedict Cumberbatch hints at MCU return in 2024

After “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (2022), actors Benedict Cumberbatch Will no longer appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But, as indicated by the end of the film, “Doctor Strange Will Return”, In a recent interview, Benedict said they have projects Miracle for 2024.

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your words were “The next year will see the development of amazing projects”, when talking on the “JW3 Speakers Series”. studio will release films next year “Deadpool 3”, “Captain America: Brave New World” it is “Vajra”, Benedict Should not appear in any of these.

For 2024, the recording of “blade”, “Fantastic Four” and possibly “Avengers: Kang Dynasty”, doctor strange He’s been in the last two Avengers movies, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s in the next one as well.

(Photo: Marvel)

Plus, Marvel confirms the project “Spider-Man 4” Together tom holland, doctor strange Had a major role in the movie “Spider-Man: No Return Home” (2021), which grossed $1.9 billion and it’s only natural that the character is in the sequel. Eventually, she casts a spell that changes the course of Peter Parker’s life.

Benedict Cumberbatch is in talks for a miniseries on Netflix



actor Benedict Cumberbatch She is in final stages of talks to star in a miniseries on Netflix. According to Variety, the platform wants him to lead the cast “Eric”A six-episode show set in 1980s New York.

“Eric” It will tell the story of Vincent Sullivan, America’s leading puppet maker, whose life is upended when his son, Edgar, goes missing. When he becomes homeless and addicted to drugs, his only friend becomes Eric, a blue, six-foot-tall adult doll, who leads him on his journey to find his son and return home.

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