“He will be away for at least two weeks.” Faker temporarily says goodbye to League of Legends and worries fans due to injury – League of Legends

The best player in the history of League of Legends will not be able to perform at the key moment of the season

fans League of Legends competitors temporarily said goodbye to one of their idols. After ten years of career Faker suffered a wrist injury that would prevent him from entering the Summoner’s Rift. at a key moment in the season. The loss of the Korean mid laner will last at least two weeks, after which his fortune will be reassessed to decide if he can actually compete again. The decision was made after it became known that player competed with right arm pain as part of the summer competitive campaign.

The fall that worries League of Legends fans

Faker’s figure goes way beyond League of Legends competition. Considered the best player of all time this is a figure that goes beyond MOBA from riot game. Very few players have managed to make such a long career in the competitive world, and none of them have such a busy track record as his. Considering its importance and knowing that there have already been professionals who had to leave their careers due to wrist problems, it is easy to see why a certain part of the community is concerned that this is the beginning of the end for a T1 player. Last summer, I thought about going to play in North America, where the level of demand is incomparably lower.

Despite the concerns, the T1 coaching staff wanted to reduce the suffering of the fans. In an official statement, they explained that medical tests performed on the player showed no alarming results.. In that sense, there is some optimism about the possibility of him being able to recover to play the final stretch of the regular season in Korean League of Legends competition, including playoffs and the World Championship, if the team manages to qualify. At the moment, his position in the table is calm.finishing in third place with three wins over seventh place, marking promotion to the playoffs.

T1 players will have to push results with a new partner.

There is no substitute for Faker in the main roster of T1 and the team decided to rely on the services of Poby, a mid laner who is a member of an affiliate of the organization and has just reached the minimum age to compete. He will have to put himself in a position that almost no other player is ready for. However, the coaching staff are optimistic and hope to get “at least two wins” in the three games Faker will miss in the next two weeks. The main thing in any case will be ensure Faker’s recovery so he can continue his professional career in future. I hope the time will come before the decisive phase of the League of Legends season, which his team approaches with high hopes after finish the last world championship in second place.

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