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The success of films and series based on video game has reached among usCBS Studios with inner slothindependent game producer, decided to start with development animated series, without a release date; however, it is estimated to arrive in 2024.

The plot will focus on the premise of the game “find out who impostor“, we must remember that this video game is multiplayer online that allowed its users to interact inside a “spaceship” that needs repairs to start its journey, but there is a character on the team who will try sabotage and kill the other players, if they find out who it is, they can banish it and thus win the game, otherwise the impostor completes his victory when he kills everyone in mission.

According to Variety, Owen Dennisdirector, writer, illustrator, best known as the creator of “Endless Train by Cartoon Networkwill be responsible for the series and act as an executive producer of the project, in addition, the animation will be handled by the Tit studio, which produced productions such as Big Mouth (Netflix), Animaniacs x Master Class (Hulu), Beavis and Butthead (Paramount +), The Boys Diabolical (Prime) and others.

“We are VERY EXCITED (…) Thank you so much for being there and supporting us. These things are not possible without all of our players and I will cry just thinking about it,” he said. inner sloth in a statement from their platform.

success among us

He video game On June 15, it turned 5 years since its launch in 2018; however, its real success came at the height of the pandemic for COVID-19 in 2020 as the restriction and cessation of outdoor activities have ingrained gaming on mobile devices to encourage interaction and connection.

“Comrades! Thank you so much for playing for the last 5 years! It’s been an incredible journey for us here at inner sloth (…) I never thought that the random little beans I made would become so common everywhere, and for that I feel very honored. Sincere thanks to everyone for enjoying the game and I hope you stay to enjoy all the things we have in store.”

In 2020, the video game won 3 awards, the first in the Breakthrough Award category, winning the Golden Joystick, the next two were a testament to the impact this independent development had as it won. Gaming Awards 2020 in the Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game categories.

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