Voxemi launches solo career with inspirational single ‘NQM Pic’

voxeyThe singer from Minas Gerais, based in Germany, started his solo career with the single and clip “NQM Pic”. With a solar and inspirational outlook, the song translates the pain and joy of being an independent musician, encouraging listeners to never give up on dreams and take the long road that leads to fulfillment. Recorded on the streets of Germany, the video is now available on YouTube and the track can be heard on major streaming platforms.

After standing with the group Art & Compromiso, Voxemi is now following his musical journey. In 2022, the singer made her debut with the single “Perdi Você”, a collaboration with Joanna Poeta, which explored the duality of vocals. Now, in 2023, Voxemi is ready to present its first EP, titled “Vivencias”, which promises to delve deeper into the biography of the musician, who has performed in various places such as Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Living is full of experiences. Argentina and Europe.


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Even with the changes and challenges in his path, Voxemi found a way to express his most honest feelings in music. “Enquem Pic” is more than a simple ballad, it depicts the obstacles an artist faces in life in a raw and honest way. For Voxemi, this song is a cry, an indignation, a pain, a relief, a faith and a hope. Written in one of the most difficult moments of his life, the song became a starting point to move forward, chase dreams and overcome all obstacles along the way.

With his music, Woxemi opens the pages of a book about his life as a black man and an immigrant, and always staying connected to his roots. The single and clip “Enquem Pic” are the first examples of this flexibility and are available to listen to on major streaming platforms.

How was the transition from being in a band to being solo? What were the main challenges faced in this process?

The change was very smooth as it was something I had wanted for a while. But with the brothers in the group it is natural for that review to lapse. Even because the decision was accompanied by a transfer to another state, Rio de Janeiro.

The video and single “NQM Pick” address the journey of an independent musician and the importance of not giving up on your dreams. How does this song reflect your own experience in the music industry?

There is a part of the song which answers this question very well. “We see so much injustice out there, don’t wait for me to die to see it as an artist”. Not to mention the lack of capital to start a decent job. Even today, even with so much technology and equipment you have, it is not enough just to sing well, write well, produce well. The market wants investment and higher investment.

The EP “Vivencias” will explore different parts of his biography and personal experiences. Can you tell us a little more about the themes and stories in the songs of this project?

This EP covers different phases of my life from last three years. It sums up everything about the struggle of being an independent artist. But also about love, relationships, pain, values. It basically talks about the life of an intense Scorpio full of virtues and vices. (laughter)

Voxemi (Photo: Andre Paratiano)

You mentioned living in different places, from Brazil to Europe. How have these cultural and geographic experiences influenced your musical and artistic style?

My style was totally affected, because I was a samba and pagoda singer and when I went to Argentina, there was nothing like that. That’s when I started listening to a lot of Latin music and I learned Spanish by watching video clips on TV with a lot of reggaeton. Then came the idea of ​​writing something in Spanish in the reggaeton genre, which at the time was something I don’t think anyone was doing in Brazil. Till now even Anita had not recorded it.

“NQM Pick” was written during a difficult time in your life, when you felt lost and uninspired. How has music and the arts in general helped you overcome these obstacles and find the strength to chase your dreams?

For me, art has always served as a means of expressing my feelings or communication, be it sending a message or talking about my pains and lessons. So I started writing this song, it was like the last song for me. And when I reached the end of the song, I thought: “It is not possible that God gave me this gift and no one knows” (laughs). This is where the phrase “giving up is not an option” comes from.

As a solo artist, how would you describe the sound and musical influences present in your work?

It’s something different, just listen to it to understand it. I’ve always loved listening to music and I listen to literally everything. So my musical style is a mix of everything I like, from Tim Maia and Javan to Chris Brown, Rael, 50 Cent…

Voxemi (Photo: Andre Paratiano)

Being a Black man and an immigrant certainly brought unique challenges along his trajectory. How do you deal with these issues in your music and how is your identity reflected in your art?

I usually say: what would I be if there were no art. Music is my gift to transform my experiences into art. It keeps me optimistic and on a good track.

In addition to music, you also mentioned opening a bar. How did this entrepreneurial experience contribute to your artistic and personal growth?

For me venturing has always been the solution to lack of money and has resulted in more time to devote myself to music. So I envisioned an ideal scenario where I could meet people, meet new people, eat, drink, sing and still make money from it. (Laughs) Let’s just say it’s my natural habitat as a person and as an artist, no less!

What are your hopes for the future of your solo career? Is there a project or collaboration you would like to start?

Too much to expect! I have big dreams in music, one of the projects that is already underway is the Conexsome project, where I record with a number of artists who are associated with me behind the music. The idea is to reinforce each other and reinforce the independent scene until it becomes independent.

Ultimately, what message do you want to convey to the public through your music and what message would you like to leave behind for those who are facing their own challenges to fulfill their dreams?

The message I want to give to all can be summed up in 3 words. Honesty, peace and goodness. This is my motto. I grew up without a father, without a mother, without a barn, and I take pride in not being a bad person. I leave a message for everyone, whatever their dreams, whatever their circumstances.

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