Vera Wang defies age norms with a miniskirt and sneakers.

completed by vera wang 74 years old last Tuesday, and fashion icon She still stands as a young lady and continues to be admired thanks to her beautiful wedding dresses which were worn by celebrities Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston it is Jennifer Lopez.

The celebrated designer is not only known for her designs but also for maintaining her looks through the years. So much so that some people wonder what his secret is ‘eternal youth’because for you 74 year lasts great skin and figureHe manages to steal the limelight from the events he participates in.

Vera WangNot being selfish at all, he said that his secret was based on only three things, “Work hard, drink vodka and sleep”. On several occasions, the Chinese-born designer has declared herself a true fan between 5 of this drink And this at 7 pm,

Vera Wang – Carolina Herrera’s headache?

is another fashion reference and Latin icon carolina herrerawho built an empire on the basis of his talent in design Romantic pieces that enhance a women’s figure it is ultra feminine print Which makes each of their pieces a true dream.

The Venezuelan woman herself expressed her concern towards maintaining the beauty of women and increasing their value through what they wear, Empowering them through their engaging styles and your famous advice from outfit Which became controversial because of its radical rules.

Carolina Herrera is radical in commenting on what is best for women, but for Vera Wang it doesn’t matter much what the Venezuelan woman says. With a youthful look, shorts, choppy pieces and long hair, she questions the 84-year-old’s famous rules.

Vera Wang’s Look Defies the Rules for Carolina Herrera

With the big-platform look, she challenges the pointy-toed shoes that are recommended carolina herreraIn addition, miniskirts have become a permanent item in Vera Wang’s wardrobe.

Her favorite is also sneakers, which, unlike Carolina Herrera, show that they do not look less elegant or vulgar on women over 40; Black has also become a permanent and even jeans, something that would probably anger Venezuelans.

Vera Wang Characterized by a youthful look, not afraid to break the rules to announce his style to the world, betting on transparency, wide necklines and keeping black as one of his favourites, bright pieces and white Mixes.

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