Top 5 Twitch accounts with the most followers!

If we can be satisfied with anything in Spain it is the amount good communicators and profiles we can find various content platforms. Although YouTube is the largest, Twitch is at the forefront – at the moment – in terms of live content creation. That’s why, as we already did with YouTube, today It’s time to rethink those Twitch accounts that reign supremeand who has the most followers.

Spanish presence in top 5 on Twitch

As we have said, in Spain and in Spanish speaking countries in general, we are fortunate to have the great pillars of the sector. While there are only five accounts with the most followers on this list, we can see their greatness in terms of numbers by looking at the ones that don’t count. So other Twitch giants like TheGrefg, Shroud, ElSpreen or Pokimane, among others. Also, we can see the diversity of the content they create, especially in terms of the genres and titles they play, or even the diversity of the content itself. Now yes, and without further ado, let’s start with an overview of the five largest accounts in all of Twitch:

5) xDs – 11.8

Controversial streamer The Canadian should have been on this list. Even though he “just” landed the biggest contract in the industry with Kick, it doesn’t seem like a problem for him to stay on Twitch or still have a huge amount of people following all of his live performances. Is one of those on this list with a higher average audience for the content it broadcasts.

4) Ibai – 13.2

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The “noble giant” also could not be absent from this list. Anyone who doesn’t follow Ebay on social media and checks in to see what he’s doing on Twitch should live in surprise after surprise. Maybe he cooks a chat with some of the most famous faces in the world who cooks boxing evening as the League of Legends match tells you. Without a doubt, one of the visible faces of creating content in Spanish.

3) Rubius – 14.2

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One of the longest lived in Spain. elrubius started his career on YouTube where he made himself a household name. Despite being logged in and out of Twitch, today it is one of the largest channels that we can find on the purple platform. Without completely closed content, able to please an audience of all ages.

2) Auronplay – 15.3

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Another one of the veterans of this sector in Spain. Although today he triumphs on Twitch creating content in games like Minecraft, GTA V Roleplay or Among Us, slowly appeared on Twitch. In fact, their YouTube content was completely different, very focused on prank calls. Now we can say that this is the second most popular Twitch account in the world. First Hispanic

1) Ninja – 18.5

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Definitely the winner of this list of greats streamers. He knew how to take advantage of the Fortnite boom on a scale never seen before, and during quarantine unequivocally positioned himself as a giant sectors. So much so that it is the Twitch account with the most followers today. In fact, already passed the milestone of 18 and a half million.

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