“The Other Two” Canceled in Season 3

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Comedy series “The Other Two,” which shone in its satirical portrayal of Hollywood and fame, will not return for a fourth season. The creators of the series announced this Wednesday (5/28) on the eve of the end of the third year that the story has come to an end.

Created by former “Saturday Night Live” writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, “The Other Two” originally debuted on pay channel Comedy Central in 2019 before moving to HBO Max, where its second season premiered last August Was.

Kelly and Schneider said in a joint statement: “It is bitter-sweet to say goodbye to the Dubcek family after three seasons, but creatively and personally we always knew this was where we wanted their stories to end. And because we literally ran out of new ways to humiliate Drew Tarver, what do you mean?”

Starring Helen Yorke (“Katy Keane”) and Drew Tarver (“The History of the World: Part 2”) as estranged siblings Brooke and Cary Dubek, the plot unfolds in New York City, where they live after their runaway success. try to settle down. Their teenage brother (Kes Walker, “Monster High”), who becomes a pop star like Justin Bieber, while their mother (Molly Shannon, “Will & Grace”) becomes a TV presenter. The cast includes Josh Segarra (“She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes”), Ken Marino (“Party Down”), Wanda Sykes (“World History: Part 2”) and Brandon Scott Jones (“Ghosts”). as well as Simu Liu (“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”) and Lucas Gage (“The White Lotus”) playing themselves.

last season

During the Season 3 episodes, Carrie finally achieves sub-celebrity status, while Brooke, after managing the talents of her famous family members, decides to leave the industry to “do good”. The final episode of the series will air on Max on Thursday (6/29).

In their statement, Kelly and Schneider expressed their gratitude to the audience and to Max, making several jokes on the occasion: “To all of us (gay people) who watch the show, to Max for giving us a second home and life, and Max. To our writers, producers and crew who have given so much of their time, talent and passion to this series over the past 45 years. And lastly, Helen, Drew, Molly, Kes, Wanda, Josh, Thank you so much to Brandon. And to all of our wonderful actors (except Ken) who made this show far better than it had any right to be, and who we will miss (especially Ken). Long live the cheesedreams Stay. #chasedreams #globsaregay #feet.”

Susanna Makkos, Executive Vice President of Original Programming at Max and Adult Swim, commented, “From the moment we met the Dubeck family, we knew we had to bring this series to streaming as one of our first and most iconic Max Originals. Needed. Very proud.” To deliver a hilarious and dynamic third and final season of The Other Two with their creative, offbeat commentary on the entertainment industry, Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider create a pop culture staple that continues to reach new heights. Is. Heights and resonated with many. As the series comes to its natural conclusion, we wish this amazing cast and crew all the best.”

backstage issues

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series finale came after complaints to the human resources department for bad behavior from Kelly and Schneider on set and in the writers’ room. The allegations stated that Kelly had verbally abused the writers and overworked the team, and that Schneider was enabling his behavior.

According to sources, the production conducted a formal investigation into the behavior, during which Kelly and Schneider were barred from the set. In the end, he was formally cleared of wrongdoing and allowed to return.

The series is made available in Brazil by HBO Max, where it is one episode away from the end. Watch the trailer for the final season.

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