Streamer receives one of the largest donations in Twitch history through a trade in Counter Strike – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$118,000 CS:GO Item Donation Drives German Streamer ohnePixel Crazy, But It’s Not All Good News

Receive donations at twitch This is what makes anyone happy, especially knowing that you are earning a lot more than a subscription as you are practically taking all the money they send you. However, this donation streamer reached an almost unattainable level.

This is the case of ohnePixel, a German content creator who received one of the largest donations in Twitch history: $118,000. However, this donation was not ordinary, as the user who decided to give him this gift did so through an exchange in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Reaction streamer it was nothing but call your mother, who remained completely calm in the face of this situation and wants nothing to do with her, as, according to her, this brings misfortune to her son. After the call streamer Herman made the exchange, and after a few seconds all the boxes and items were transferred to the player’s account.

Looks like the donor’s name is box, a player who earned gold by winning money on giveaway and jackpot site HypeDrop and then investing in CS:GO skins on Buff Market. The profit was so great that part of his winnings was sent to OhnePixel as consumables.

However, this is not all good news, as, judging by what bbox itself was able to report, the user you haven’t received your money yet, the reason why some consider donation risky. Valve is nipping these speculations in the bud, and if the company deems this exchange to be fraudulent, bbox could run into debt for a decent amount of money.

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