Overwatch 2 Producer Criticizes Developers Who Specially Released Pay-To-Win Characters

Competitive games are very difficult to balance, so it’s only natural that there are characters or weapons that stand out for their excellent performance. Overwatch is no exception, and throughout its history it has seen heroes that turn players gray for being very powerful. However, the manufacturer denies that this is done on purpose.

In a chat with streamer Emongg, Executive Producer Jared Noyce detailed the upcoming content coming to Overwatch 2 in season 6 and beyond. At one point in the conversation, he mentioned the heroes and the specific case of Lifeweaver, the game’s first pansexual character.

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In Season 4, Lifeweaver, the newest free-to-play support hero, caused controversy due to his abilities and play style. Many fans claimed that he was a useless character, and even in the current season 5, many professionals consider him one of the worst.

“I think we’ve learned a lot from Lifeweaver and so going forward we’ll try to determine why we couldn’t make these heroes viable at launch and then fix them,” Jared Noyce said in an interview.

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Jared Noyce of Overwatch 2 criticizes studios that deliberately release strong characters

Although the support hero has been criticized for being very bad, in many cases the opposite is true. Often, other events will debut DLC characters that are too powerful. Of course, this motivates people to buy them.

Manufacturer Overwatch 2 He lashed out at studios and developers who deliberately release pay-to-win characters to boost sales, and said that they would never do anything like that.

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“I think there’s something really disgusting about games that have a new hero and it’s a super OP for 3 months to incentivize people to buy it. We don’t want to go down the path of selecting very strong characters,” Jared Noyce remarked at some point in the conversation.

Throughout its history, Overwatch cheered heroes that the community felt were quick to stir controversy for being too strong and “broken”. Perhaps the most infamous case is Brigitte, the support hero who completely changed the meta with her abilities and playstyle.

In Overwatch 2, heroes unlock at level 45 of the Battle Pass.
In Overwatch 2, heroes unlock at level 45 of the Battle Pass.

Another nasty case is Sojourn, which dominated the early games at launch. Overwatch 2 at the end of last year. To be honest, these characters debuted for free for most players, so it’s hard to classify them as paid ones.

But tell me, do you agree with the words of Jared Noyce? Let’s read you in the comments.

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