Olivia Rodrigo is again accused of plagiarism

Olivia Rodrigo released his second album, CourageWhich will be released in September and their new single “vampire“, but some listeners noticed the song’s similarity to other artists. Radiohead, One Direction and John Lennon.

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Some Twitter users noticed similarities between the song and other songs. One of the tweets that had a wide impact read: “Saying it may offend me, but ‘Vampire’ Olivia Rodrigo Looks like it’s been copied from somewhere. I don’t know, throb, everything seems familiar. I can’t tell exactly where I heard it from.”

Having said that it could be quashed but Vampire written by Olivia Rodrigo looks like it was copied from somewhere? The rhythm, the lyrics, everything feels familiar. I can’t tell exactly where I heard it? Wait, I got it, this sounds like the song of the year

— Alexa 🧛🏻‍♀️ (@gomezstan) 28 June 2023

The beginning of “Vampire” has been compared to the beginning of One Direction’s “If I Could Fly”. One post said: “The way the beginning of ‘Vampire’ sounds like ‘If I Could Fly’ is driving me crazy, haha”

The Way “Vampire” Beginnings Sounds Like “If I Could Fly” Is Bothering Me

— Harry, Harrison, and Katie.x (@katielovehandh) 30 June 2023

Others said it sounded like Radiohead’s “Creep”. 2 seconds of “Vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo. I like it, but it actually has the same chord progression as Radiohead’s ‘Creep'”, said one network user.

2 Seconds Into The Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo. i like it but it actually has the same chord progression as creep by radiohead

— Lily Rose ♏️ (@lettrbomb12) 30 June 2023

Some also compared it to “Imagine” by former Beatles John Lennon.

The beginning of Vampire sounds like John Lennon’s imagination

– Scottish Pimento Cheese (@LesboJoMilf) 30 June 2023


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