Miley Cyrus returns to US Spotify Top 5 with “Party in the USA”

Miley Cyrus This Wednesday (5) returns to Spotify’s Top 5 in the United States, but this time with a hit released in in the USA“, one of the biggest hits of the singer’s career, is considered an unofficial anthem of the United States and is usually supported by thousands. currents during the celebration of 4th of JulyIndependence Day holiday of the country.

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This song got even more response during the celebration 1.2 million streams In the United States, appearing at number four on a ranking of most listened to on the platform by Americans. In Spotify’s global ranking, the track appears at number 62, making three of Miley’s songs in the top 100: “flowers” (5th), “angels like you” (26th) and “party in the USA,

composed by Jessie J and produced by doctor luke,party in the USA“was released as the lead EP by Cyrus in 2009”.the time of our lives, The single was hugely successful and peaked at No. 2 Billboard Hot 100,

The official music video for “Party in the USA” has surpassed 930 million views on YouTube:



Who also earned with holidays in USA katy perrywho saw his hit”fireworkIn 2010, Spotify returned to the USA top 20 at number 18, with more than 700 thousand streams,

was bangerz

album “bangerz” was officially launched in 2013 and brought huge hits like “Wrecking Ball” it is “We can not wait”, Tracks that won controversial clips including controversial onstage performances MTV Video Music Awards 2013 beside Robin Thicke, During an interview with British Vogue, miley reflected on those moments and said he was “out of character” referring to which he explained hannah montana,

“I am not really an attention seeker (currently), sitting here as a 30-year-old grown woman. I was getting attention for myself because I was differentiating myself from the character that I played. Anyone, when they are 20 or 21, they have a lot more to prove. ‘I am not my parents.’ ‘I am who I am’, The star reflected.

Besides, he commented on the consequences of what happened after, “I carried some guilt and shame with me for years because of how much controversy and trouble I really caused. Now that I am an adult, I realize how harshly I was judged. I was judged harshly by adults as a child and now, as an adult, I have realized that I would never judge a child harshly again., Completed

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