Kim Petras Wants To Collaborate With Anita: “I’m A Big Fan”

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Kim Petras wants to collaborate with Anita: ‘I’m a huge fan’

german singer Kim Petras
In a recent interview, he revealed who he would like to collaborate with. pop star
Brazil Anita
, He recently released his debut album
feed the animal

with special appearance by Sam Smith
it is nicki minaj

feed the animal

that comes with 15 unreleased songs
talks about self-acceptance and is inspired by

which was initially very successful 2000s

in a chat on the portal G1
Kim Petras talks about her admiration for the Brazilian singer and reveals want to cooperate with him

“I’m a big fan of Anita and I think “Envolver” is one of my favorite songs”,
started Patras
, “Hmm… I was sitting next to him at the Met Gala and we were talking about doing a song together. Now, he’s signed to the same label that I’m signed to. I’d love to do a song with him.” and I’ve heard a lot of funk stuff about Brazil and everything else’
They said.

in addition to Anita
German star also expressed his desire to meet pablo vittar
, “Oh, and I want to meet Pablo Vittar. He’s an amazing person and I’d love to collaborate with him, but we’re both busy and it’s hard to keep in touch, but we’re going to make it happen. But sure. I love it. For Pablo. I’m so proud of how Pablo represents so many wonderful things. So they’re both absolutely iconic and I keep listening to the songs

they all the time”
He concluded.

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