It made us learn from the lawsuits before the FTC and Microsoft, and now he will have a second part. Apple takes Epic Games and Fortnite to the Supreme Court – Fortnite

Epic also has the ability to appeal to the same judicial authority.

Buying Activision Blizzard in 2022 got us into a legal battle that kept us waiting. This is far from the end, and also one where Epic Games and Apple have faced each other. Perhaps because of this novelty, that lawsuit between the two corporate mega-mastodons was forgotten, but I assure you that those from Cupertino have not forgotten, and they’ll take Tim Sweeney and fortnite in Supreme Court.

If you remember, the media case we’re talking about today pitted Epic Games and Apple over the possibility that Fortnite’s parents would provide a platform for players to buy V-Bucks outside of the App Store to avoid the 30% that Apple was demanding. It ended it battle royale from the App Store.

Now those from Cupertino, according to GamesIndustry, will go to the US Supreme Court to overturn a court decision in which Epic failed to prove that Apple violated antitrust laws. Although it sounds disgusting, because in principle agreed with Apple in 2021, but also established that it cannot prevent developers from using third party payment options instead of “jumping through hoops”.

Both companies filed an appeal based on their business needs with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but on June 30 it dismissed them. For this reason, Apple decided to take the case to the US Super High Court, saying the 2021 decision was wrong and “raises important and far-reaching questions” about limits of authority from federal court take the precautionary measures that apply to companies.

For its part, although no information on this matter was disclosed, Epic Games might also like to the same court. Whatever the case, this is just a “sequel” to a lawsuit that is far from over and that ultimately has 2 corporate heavyweights as protagonists who used a video game as an excuse for their fight.

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