‘I want more’: Overwatch League legend Logix retires

“I want to do more things” Overwatch League legend Logix retires

‘I want more’: Overwatch League legend Logix retires

Over the weekend, the Overwatch League lost one of its greatest pieces. Through a tweet, prestigious player Andreas “Logix” Bergmans announced his retirement and thanked all the people inside and outside the competitive scene who have supported him throughout his career.

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Logix leaves Overwatch League and announces retirement

“As of today, I am retiring from competitive play. Overwatch. I am extremely grateful to the people who supported me from the day I turned 18 and moved to Spain to play, and for those memorable years when I played in the Overwatch League, until the last world championship, ”said the player from Belgium.

In its farewell message, Logix took the opportunity to thank all of its teammates and staff responsible for Blizzard Entertainment’s event management and FPS Pro League. Of course, he also expressed his gratitude to the fans who have supported him over the years.

“I recently turned 26 and want to do more with my life to find out what’s next. And it was hard for me to make it with the affection (that I feel) for Overwatch. For new experiences and for working on yourself for a better future,” Andreas Bergmans concluded in his statement.

How the portal remembers Dot eSportsLogix was a professional player Overwatch since the release of the original part in 2016. He joined Florida Mayhem in the game’s first competitive league season and was part of the official Belgian squad for the first Overwatch World Cup.

Unfortunately, Belgium failed to qualify for the Overwatch World Cup 2023 playoffs despite beating Italy on the final day of the group stage. Andreas Bergmans announced his retirement on the same day that his team was disqualified from the tournament.

Logix says goodbye to Overwatch League

Logix says goodbye to Overwatch League

At the time of this writing, it is not known what direction Logix’s professional career will take.

But tell us what do you think about saying goodbye to Logix? Let’s read you in the comments.

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