Halo Infinite is losing 98% of its players on Steam since launch

Shop belonging shooter multiplayer is more competitive than ever, especially on PC in which we have unruly giants like CS:GO, valiant or call of Duty which are joined by smaller sentences such as Updated Battlebit or new deliveries that will arrive in the summer counter strike 2.

This fierce competition to gain a foothold in the genre on the keyboard and mouse platform is well known to Microsoft, which has seen Halo Infinite lost the vast majority of its players on Steamthe queen of the gaming platform when it comes to PC.

Multiplayer version of Halo Infinite It was released on PC in November 2021 as a beta. what did he achieve the maximum historical peak of the game on Steam is 272,586 people. souls are testing the online side of the latest part of the saga in this beta.

Shortly after the release of the final version Halo Infinite, especially December 8th, with completely free multiplayer that already at that time there were fewer players in it than in beta, with around 150,000 players at launch.

Since then The number of players in Halo Infinite has not stopped falling on Steam and now only about 2% of those who have ever played it still connect to the servers to enjoy their multiplayer games, meaning they lost 98% of their players. Actually, yesterday the maximum peak was 5656 players and in this 2023 figures ranged from 4,700 to 12,705 players. as the peak of 2023 on March 2, shortly before the launch of Season 3.

Season 4 was released on June 20th.

Perhaps the worst fact for Microsoft is that Seems hard to get player interest backat least on Steam since June 20 Season 4 Halo Infinite with the requested infection mode, and despite that, the game barely managed to surpass 7,000 players at the end of last month.

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