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Montage with Viva Magenta palette, coconut milk color look model and high visibility palette

Montage with Viva Magenta palette, coconut milk color look model and high visibility palette

Photo: reproduction/Pinterest | Earth You Montage

With the arrival of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s time for Brazilians to use Pantone’s references for the fall/winter 2023 season. The brand launched its traditional catalog in February with 10 new shades and five classic, modern shades.

The palette highlights vibrant colors like Viva Magenta and High Visibility with soft tones like Tender Peach and Carnival Glass. See below for tips on Terra Voce’s tones and how to use them.

What are the color trends for winter 2023?

soft peach

The model is wearing a blouse, dress shirt and tailored pants in tender peach

Photo: Reproduction/ Pinterest @lucolors

The soft tone features tender peach, which can be paired with warm tones or in a monochromatic look. Pops of color also work well with silk and tailoring pieces, as in the monochrome look above.

pink purple

The model is wearing a rose violet dress

Photo: Playback/Pantone

Are you looking for a party look? This red fuchsia tone can be the ideal color for straight dress models. This color adds cheer to any outfit.

Red orange

Model in red orange suit and pants

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

Here’s the hottest shade of the season! This orange with red lines can be combined with neutral colors, such as white, or even with monochromatic looks to create the most daring looks. The photo from Pinterest above shows how to wear it: a suit over a white shirt, tailored pants, and white shoes with heels.

Viva Magenta

Model wears suit and tailored pants in Viva Magenta

Photo: reproduction/pinterest@girls

The color of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta, a shade of reddish pink that, as Pantone itself says, is conducive to experimentation. One suggestion is a more colorful look with tone on tone, combination with lighter colors, or a mix of complementary tones.

high visibility

Woman in high visibility sweatshirt and sweatpants

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

Warm yellow like the sun is another color created to express happiness and temperament. To incorporate into everyday life, Terra Vocé suggests contrasting the tone with more casual clothing, such as a coat or sweatpants. The color also stands out in accessories like handbags.

red dahlia

Gigi Hadid in red dahlia coat

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

Are you confused about how to use the darkest red color in the new color chart? Gigi Hadid teaches. The model evoked the beauty of the color with an overcoat and boots – a very welcome addition to winter. Inside, black clothes and many accessories around the neck, but it’s up to each one.

Carnival Glass

woman wear shirt in green tone carnival glasses

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

From toughest to softest? This mint green color brings softness to the look. A good idea is to take this effect to a more casual look by mixing it with a top, denim shorts and flat sandals.

persian jewel

Model in Persian jewel dress

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

It’s a stunning shade of blue, inspired by the precious stone lazuli. This color goes well with shoes and accessories. In terms of clothing, it is matched with flowing dresses.

burnt sienna

Pleated Skirt in Burnt Sienna

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

According to Pantone, this restrained red tone aims to convey sophistication. This characteristic refers to pieces such as pleated skirts of medium size. For example, they can be combined with high-heeled shoes and a white blouse.


model wearing kohlrabi blouse

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

The color refers to the kohlrabi. To match, prefer light colors like white.

coconut milk

Pieced model in the color of coconut milk

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

It is true that white matches with everything, but this milky version, which is closer to soft gray, requires contrast. A coconut milk suit and pants with a black or brown blouse make the look sober and elegant.


Kendall Jenner with an eclipse color look

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

It looks navy blue, but it is not. Eclipse Blue is one of the “new classics”, modernized by Pantone. It can be worn with a tube dress, as chosen by model Kendall Jenner.

silver birch

The model is wearing a silver birch coat and pants

photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

The natural gray that resists time is, as defined by Pantone, the face of winter. Color looks good in a monochrome look. Turtleneck coat, as in the photo, makes the look more graceful.

hot fudge

Model with pants and shirt in hot fudge color

Photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

This dark brown color with a touch of gray shows that tailored pants don’t have to be obvious. And this can be combined with the contrast of white boots.


Model ready with color

Photo: reproduction/pinterest @ladybasil’inspiringcolorsrehan

Medium brown with no flaws. For variation, mix with black pieces. This color is also seen in footwear like shoes and sandals.

Source: Terra Voke Writings

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