DreamHack 2023 returns to Valencia this weekend

DreamHack 2023 returns to Valencia this weekendSD

Valencia restores the DreamHack festival, eThe largest meeting of video games and digital leisure in Spain, which will take place at the Feria Valencia next weekend. A total of three scheduled sessions, on days July 7, 8 and 9with a program of events for the first time will include two days of Superleague de League of Legends, with these teams Koi, Heretics or Movistar Raiders. adviserareainnovation and tourism, Paula Llobet presented the 2023 festival with an economic impact of around 10 million euros.

Best Clash Royale Players

The festival, for which 95% of the tickets have already been sold, will bring the best players in the world to the city clash grand piano within the tournament Iberian International, a professional competition, the second full-time stop of which will take place in Valencia. In addition, the 2023 edition includes tournaments video games in “open” mode, what opens participation for new teams; or “Indie” area, among many other activities.


Adviser responsible for innovation and entrepreneurship, Paula Llobet, presented this international event, accompanied by the director Dream Hack Valencia, Javier Carrión; and commercial director of Feria Valencia, Jorge Fombellida. As Llobet recalls, “this call was born in 2010 with the full support of the municipal authorities, and now we want to give it a very important impetus again.” The adviser noted that it is “a developing sector with great potential and for this reason we must appreciate the fact that here in Valencia the event games And cybersport most importantly at the state level.

Since its first holding in 201, the festival DreamHack positions itself as one of the calls for video games, technologies and competitions cybersport most important in Spain. Forecasts for this publication indicate an economic impact of close to 10 million euros and the creation of around 300 jobs in July. At this point, with 95% of tickets sold, a 50% increase in advance sales compared to summer 2022 has already been confirmed.

Growing sector

In this sense, adviser Paula Llobet emphasized the importance for Valencia of hosting a festival “which positions us in Spain, Europe and even the whole world.” He recalled that in this sector, the annual growth is 20%, and the growth in the number of jobs is more than 9.5%. “The city council wants to bet on the innovative and open Valencia, which is positioned as a leader,” confirmed the delegate, emphasizing the importance of the learning and innovative environment that the city has, “with the first school of video games in Spain. , ESAT, the best in the entire state and, in addition, the seventh in the world; and we have the Polytechnic University with its center from games, who works to have a particular chair.” “For this reason, in addition to having the best trained technicians and the most trained people in Spain, we want to work so that the sector grows and the city has an industry of career opportunities, innovation and entrepreneurship. ”

Traditional elements and avant-garde innovation

This first edition of 2023 includes a wide range of activities which combines the traditional elements that define the festival’s identity every year, along with the latest developments in the current video game scene such as League of Legends Super League (LOL)present for the first time in Dream Hack Valencia, for two face-to-face days in which 10 games will be played and in which 10 great teams of the Spanish league will take part; among them, Hereticscreated streamer And youtuber TheGrefg; KOI created influencer, streamer And youtuber Ibay and former footballer Gerard Piqué; giants; Barça eSports or reigning Super League champion Movistar Riders. All of them will fight for victory on the stage, which is designed for more than 2500 spectators.

As Javier Carrión explained, competitions will also be held within the framework of the festival cybersport, with these video games Rocket League, Fortnite or CSGO; tournaments LAN; concerts such as the one that offers youtuber and pianist Elesky; sports competition ground in cooperation with Valencia Basket; local event Pokémon GO; zone Indian; contests cosplay; and even a dance competition kpop.

As for the competition, the second stop will take place this summer. scheme Iberian Internationalto which the best players in the world clash grand piano. On the other hand, the LAN zone, a space that brings players together under one roof and communication, will also include exclusive tournaments for those who attend LAN party for the following headers: CS:GO, VALORANT, Fortnite, StarCraft, Rocket League, League of Legends And autumn boys.

Dream Hack Fighters

Another bright show of the festival will be Dream Hack Fightersone of the most important parts for the community DreamHackwhich will include the International Tournament brawl or contests Brothers Super Smash And Street Fighter 6. In addition, this summer edition will feature Defeat Pro V Apex Legendsspace blockchain where will the tournaments take place cyber titans And Elemental Raidersas well as area indie in which the fans games will be able to enjoy up to 30 new games exclusively from the studios indie.

Tickets for DreamHack Valencia 2023 are already on sale on the festival’s official website

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