Development of Star Wars: Eclipse is delayed. Will it meet its target of releasing in 2026?

Mundo Gamer brings you the latest gaming news. Everyone is talking about Star Wars Eclipse, The Sims 5, and free Play Station Plus Essential games for July.

Star Wars Eclipsewhich is being developed quantum dreamrenowned studio for works such as shower And Detroit: Become Humanis at an impasse due to a delay in its development.

This was reported by sources close to the franchise. scheduled premiere date may be extended due to various problems in the Chinese company. That is, perhaps will not arrive by 2026.

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The video game will be directly affected by serious allegations against its developer Quantic Dream. about sexual harassment and a toxic work culture. What prevented hiring staff to complete it.

But while it’s happening for reasons far removed from the giant George Lucas saga, power lovers can still enjoy: Star Wars Outlaws and Star Wars Hunters by Zynga.

More details about The Sims 5 revealed

And in news that our friend Day and the fans of avatar games will love, here comes new update for The Sims 5, although it doesn’t have a release date yet.

According to one of the game’s producers, improvements to the 3D models are coming, accompanied by new scenarios, sound, and animation to complete your experience.

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This is Play Station Plus Essential Free Games for July

  • Call of Duty: OPS Cold War
  • Alan Wake Remastered
  • ending
  • extinction forever
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