Acend, sAw, Apeks and Gentle Mates advance to VCT Ascension playoffs

VCT Ascension already knows four teams that will take part in the playoffs. Acend, sAw, Apeks and Gentle Mates advance to the semi-finals after a group stage in which they did not compete and were the top seeds from the first duels.

The last day of this did not leave the opportunity to look for a decisive one, although overtime appeared.

Digital Athletics leaves with a serious match

Like the start of the last game of the group stage, Digital Athletics beat Dsyre 0-2. The Italians were uncomfortable stomping and between a good Turkish slate and the occasional very punishable madman’s mistake, they left the Ottomans a good margin to escalate the game.

In Haven good game skylen and dipmans closed places prevents you from planting them ended up with a good port.

The owl was the first to attack the Estonian duelist, who, despite being a good openkiller he couldn’t get more performance for himself.

It was Masić, the duelist of the Turks, who took advantage of the archer’s arrows, making the task easier for his team.

With the score at 5–7 in the first half, the game ended 9–13 in the second after several decisive runs that damaged the Italian team’s zones.

Everything was in a rush at Fracture until it was signed 11-13 for Ruksik and company in the 24th round. Between DeepMans and Ruxic’s Brimstone they were clambering around the game.. Raze’s Masic was good for opening rounds, but his namesake responded the same way.

The tag also hasn’t left a bad job since 27 kills signed the sentry. Despite the good game of the Italian and Estonian, this was not enough to finish a few rounds that were on their side, which allowed the Turks to win the game.

Apex stomps and gets confused

Secondly, the Norwegian team was aiming for an unbeaten finish in order to advance to the next stage. Even though there is no benefit to it, Keiko’s people wanted to keep the score clean and Team Falcons almost made things worse.

Lotus had no arguments. 2-13 for Mystik and company, who showed good muscle, with which they made it to the playoffs. The duo that ran almost all of the games was the duo of Keiko and Enzo as an open killer from Mystique, who set the smoke.

The excellent defense was joined by three more points in the attack, signing the first point.

However, the troubles started with the first overtime of the day, Team Falcons had a good first half, despite the difficulties at the beginning. 7-5 gave them a good margin. However, when switching sides, the Apexes got up and could have taken the game, if not for the two points that the Saudi hawks rushed at the end of normal time.

Nevertheless, The Apeks culminated in two straight points in which MAGNUM and Keiko played the main role, as well as Moh and alvar, which contradicted the Norwegian strategy.

CASE leaves without knowing victory

The Negrigualds say goodbye to the VCT Ascension without having won. FOKUS supports him 3-13 in Haven and 11-13 in Fracture. which amounted to closing his engagement.

There was no discussion at first. Offensive failures and a good defensive approach of the Lime team blocked all their possibilities. YaBoiLewis was a nightmare, as was the previous one, which was his can opener.

In Fracture, the game played out more and although the first half ended in a 6-6 draw, FOKUS took a small step forward, ending the match between Briar’s losses. Both JUGi and KPZET made their way in such a way that waddled, Lime and YaBoy-Lewis iced the cartridges.

A tragic farewell after the high level that was brought with VCL Spain: Rising and which failed to capture the way EMEA would have liked.

Acend takes the undefeated from sAw

Finally, the Portuguese fail to get into the select club of invincible teams before the playoffs.

Being the only one to achieve this among the 10 participants, Apex lost to Musashi’s team 0-2, pushing everything to the final limit.

The overtime split (12-14) and Lotus 11-13 are good proof of this, the coin falls on the Acend side.

Split’s offensive prevailed on both sides. Both sAw in the first and Acend in the second opened an expansion in which ALIVE and musashi became their heroes.

On the contrary, DaviH, Fizzy and tomaszy raised theirs, but, having decided to beat the opponent at the beginning of extra time, doomed the Portuguese to the first point.

At Lotus, the second half broke even with a combination of baddyG, musashi and MONSTEERR.

The three of them closed ranks on the sites and, using the defuseo as a fundamental support, cleared the sites of rival presence.

Thus, Acend equalized the overall score of group A, but this victory gave them first place to the detriment of sAw.

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