A very special date for Pokémon is approaching, and all indications are that Scarlet and Purple will be celebrating it with an event that could be announced very soon – Pokémon Scarlet/Purple.

Game Freak Reveals Key Clue Pointing To Long-Awaited Pokemon Fan Raid

Franchise Pokemon Live this summer in one of the most special moments in its history. Next July 18 will be held 25th Anniversary of the premiere of Mewtwo vs. Mew, the first animated film of the franchise. A special date that will lead to big events in the last games of the saga. This will be seen in Pokémon GO with the anniversary event, which Mew as a rewardV pokemon unite with the introduction of Mewtwo and in scarlet and purple All indications are that soon we will enjoy a very special event involving these two symbolic beings.

Great new product inspired by Mewtwo vs Mew?

Dealing with the changes made to latest pokemon scarlet and purple patch, introduced at the end of June, players were confronted with a line of dialogue that reads “Mew is doing his best against an invincible opponent.” This phrase generated a lot of speculation, and some members of the community were determined to get to the bottom of the matter. Finally, the user managed to figure out that this is a special interaction. The text should appear when the aforementioned Mew fights Mewtwo in a seven-star raidwhich greatly enhances their performance.

At the moment it is impossible to see the interaction without modifying the files since the Mewtwo raid is unavailable or not officially announced by Game Freak. However, the leaks of recent weeks along with this discovery indicate the imminent arrival of Mewtwo on raids. The entire marketing of the franchise revolves around the aforementioned film anniversary, and these two creatures are among the most beloved of the over a thousand that have appeared in the saga. In addition, both legendary and Savior of the first generation they were available in raids in every game in the franchise that used this mechanic.

By modifying the game, this community member was able to prove his theories.

The next big thing for 9th gen games will be seven star raid with delphox as the main character, which will take place over the next two weekends (from July 7 to 9 and from July 14 to 16). After these dates, the Mew and Mewtwo event may be included in the video game, though be aware that this is pre-release content. We may have to wait until arrival Scarlet and Purple DLCthat the idea is eventually discarded or modified before the final premiere. Either way, it looks like we, the Scarlet and Purple players, have a very interesting few months ahead of us.

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