5 Magical Beach Towns to Celebrate Bikini Day on a 2-in-1 Trip

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That’s it! There is a bikini day. Every year 5’th of July He International Bikini Day, and there are incredible Mexican destinations where you can show off your body in a beautiful two-piece suit, such as the beautiful Magic Cities. A two-in-one trip to celebrate this special day on its beaches and visit beautiful cities full of history and culture.

Why is it celebrated on July 5th? This type of swimsuit was first introduced in 1946and was created by a French engineer, Louis Reird, who gave him this name in honor of Marshall Islandswhich are also known as “Bikini Atoll” and are located in Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia.

5 magical coastal towns to show off your best swimsuit on Bikini Day

At the time, the bikini revolutionized the fashion world and liberated women’s bodies, so this day was chosen to celebrate its creation and show off their best two-piece suits on the beach. Here we will tell you about five magical places that you need to know to celebrate this date, and get to know these Magic cities:

This day is a good reason to WIN to the beach. /Credits: Unsplash.

1. Port Baleto

This beautiful place is located in Mary’s Islandslocated on the coast Nayarit, and it has recently been named Magic City, so you can be one of the first tourists to visit its beautiful beaches and relax in your best bikini. An interesting fact is that for a long time the island was a maximum security prison.

2. St. Blaise

This direction is also Nayarit, and it has a large expanse of mangroves and little known virgin beaches, perfect for getting away from the noise and people, connecting with nature and enjoying the gentle waves. On its coasts you can see animals such as dolphins, humpback whales and whale sharks, as well as some birds and reptiles. Its pier holds an interesting legend of love and tragedy, which was the inspiration for the ManĂ¡ song “El muelle de San Blas”. Have you already heard it?

3. Zihuatanejo

This handsome and newly appointed Magical cityLocated in the state of Guerrero, it has a 30 km open sea beach, perfect for showing off our “monument” in the perfect swimsuit. On its coasts, its main attractions are to explore: touring the pre-Hispanic archaeological remains or visiting the island of Ixtapa, a tropical paradise with four beautiful diving beaches, and contemplating dolphin sightings.

The Zihuatanejo coast is a tropical paradise you must know. /Credits: Unsplash

4. Sisal

on the shore Yucatan this is a beautiful place Magical city characterized by beautiful waters with turquoise tones and beaches with soft sand where you can relax and enjoy a light tan. The city was a very important port in colonial times, so it has beautiful colonial architecture and is located in a nature reserve that was the habitat of the pink flamingo.

5. Mazunte

A beautiful city located on the coast Oaxaca, the perfect place to celebrate this date and enjoy beautiful sunsets. Mazunta has many beaches where you can relax and cool off from the sea heat, you can also see humpback whales and other marine life off its coast, and you can taste delicious traditional seafood dishes of the region in restaurants at the foot of the beach.

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