VALORANT: Pro Players Pay Tribute To Twisten During Tournament

competitive scene VALORANT still in mourning In early June, the pro team Team Vitality confirmed the unfortunate death of professional player Karel “Twisten” Aschenbrener. The news continues to resonate with the community and the tribute to the esports legend continues.

After Twisten’s sad death was announced, Riot Games paid tribute with a beautiful and emotional detail in a free-to-play video game. In addition, members of the competitive scene and fans shared messages on social media to honor the memory of the prestigious player.

Now the professionals have come together to pay tribute to Karel Aschenbrener during a group stage match in the EMEA region.

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VALORANT Players Participate In Twisted’s Special Shorty Round

Twisten was well known in the community for using a shotgun named Shorty. As early as the beginning of the year, he participated in a campaign where he promised to donate 25 euros for each destruction achieved in VCT LOCK//IN with said weapon; this includes members from all teams. As such, players began using Shorty as a way to pay homage to a deceased player.

During the EMEA Ascension group stage, all members of Team Apeks and Team Falcons used a shotgun in the first round of one of the matches. Players can be seen taking turns attacking each other in 1v1 duels. This initiative is a way of paying tribute to a famous professional player who sadly passed away at the age of 19.

You can see the moment from minute 35:00 in the following video:

Shortly before the start of the round, a black-and-white photo of Twisted and a message of respect appeared on the air. Without a doubt, Karel Aschenbrener left a void in the competitive community VALORANT and in the hearts of many players, colleagues, friends and family.

Rest in peace, Twisten.
Rest in peace, Twisten.

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